Saturday, April 2, 2011

Almost a year ago...

WOW! These photos are so old!

WOW! The material is so cute, but quite out of date!

WOW WOW! Almost a year has gone by!

I'm back, with the same purpose: a public account of our life on Planet Little Joseph. Current photos, current stories, any stories for that matter, to be archived in the blogosphere because "This is for posterity, so be honest."

I am getting prepared for Fiona Lynn's 3rd birthday party, and instead of cleaning the kitchen, or baking her mermaid cake (yes, a mermaid cake) I decided to check on "the blog." I finally figured out the new functions on blogger, and dusted off some old stuff so that the page is more up to date. Sheesh! Elisa Rose, is just cuter than a button in the last photo that I had, but she is almost a year older! OK, that's enough shock now. Enough, "My life is flashing before my eyes!" Even if it is, that's enough!

Today was so precious with all of the kids playing out in the yard. The winter has been a bit rough on all of us with the cabin fever, and I mean that literally! We started into the fall with all of us pretty healthy, but somewhere along the way it was one thing after another. Well, if I really go back, it all started with the puking trip to Disney World the first week of November. Since then we have had fever after cold after intestinal bug to fever again. I am praying that I have had the worst of it and the end of it with this lingering cough/sinus infection. The nice rays of sunshine should penetrate some of the valuable vitamin D and getting the stink blown off with the nice breeze.

Elisa is walking around like a champ. She was a bit afraid of the grass yesterday, but today was a new day and she will not be held back by a bit of texture. She must keep up with I & F in every department. She was dragging her bottle along with her in the yard, and watching the kids dig in dirt.What is it about digging in dirt that is so fascinating? Our garden project is in the planning phase, and we will have to have the children help us with the digging so that they can learn where to dig and where not to dig. Their heads come in full of dirt that they have been flinging around everywhere and dropping all over the already messy house.

Fiona is experiencing true anticipation with all of her birthday preparation. We will celebrate a day early with her maternal side, and I do have to get on with this requested mermaid cake. I was only able to procure a few of the decorating tips that are needed to make this mermaid cake, so the hunt will continue for the appropriate frosting tips this evening. At lunch she declared, "I'm a good eater" as she was stuffing her little face full of salami slices. Her latest craving is broccoli. Yes, you read that correctly! Broccoli. I am actually planning a broccoli salad for her birthday brunch tomorrow.Iain is very good at watching out for the girls and making sure that they are not getting into his stuff. He enjoys helping with getting food on the table and finding the lovey bunnies for the girls' nap time. He has become a true media junkie and knows how to run the iPod much better than his mother. In an attempt to control all of the toddler trash on television, everyone has graduated to Hollywood musicals and classic Disney films like Polyanna and the original Love Bug. He will get stuck on a musical and request it everyday for a week. The current run is Anchors Away with Gene Kelly and Frank Sinatra.Jake and I were able to steal away from a weekend business and pleasure trip to St. Paul, MN, two weekends ago. Mana watched the kids, and after our Norwex pow wow, we spent time calculating our business taxes and then having a wonderful dinner out. We had two nights sleep with no children interrupting our beauty sleep. A body can sure feel rested.