Saturday, April 2, 2011

Almost a year ago...

WOW! These photos are so old!

WOW! The material is so cute, but quite out of date!

WOW WOW! Almost a year has gone by!

I'm back, with the same purpose: a public account of our life on Planet Little Joseph. Current photos, current stories, any stories for that matter, to be archived in the blogosphere because "This is for posterity, so be honest."

I am getting prepared for Fiona Lynn's 3rd birthday party, and instead of cleaning the kitchen, or baking her mermaid cake (yes, a mermaid cake) I decided to check on "the blog." I finally figured out the new functions on blogger, and dusted off some old stuff so that the page is more up to date. Sheesh! Elisa Rose, is just cuter than a button in the last photo that I had, but she is almost a year older! OK, that's enough shock now. Enough, "My life is flashing before my eyes!" Even if it is, that's enough!

Today was so precious with all of the kids playing out in the yard. The winter has been a bit rough on all of us with the cabin fever, and I mean that literally! We started into the fall with all of us pretty healthy, but somewhere along the way it was one thing after another. Well, if I really go back, it all started with the puking trip to Disney World the first week of November. Since then we have had fever after cold after intestinal bug to fever again. I am praying that I have had the worst of it and the end of it with this lingering cough/sinus infection. The nice rays of sunshine should penetrate some of the valuable vitamin D and getting the stink blown off with the nice breeze.

Elisa is walking around like a champ. She was a bit afraid of the grass yesterday, but today was a new day and she will not be held back by a bit of texture. She must keep up with I & F in every department. She was dragging her bottle along with her in the yard, and watching the kids dig in dirt.What is it about digging in dirt that is so fascinating? Our garden project is in the planning phase, and we will have to have the children help us with the digging so that they can learn where to dig and where not to dig. Their heads come in full of dirt that they have been flinging around everywhere and dropping all over the already messy house.

Fiona is experiencing true anticipation with all of her birthday preparation. We will celebrate a day early with her maternal side, and I do have to get on with this requested mermaid cake. I was only able to procure a few of the decorating tips that are needed to make this mermaid cake, so the hunt will continue for the appropriate frosting tips this evening. At lunch she declared, "I'm a good eater" as she was stuffing her little face full of salami slices. Her latest craving is broccoli. Yes, you read that correctly! Broccoli. I am actually planning a broccoli salad for her birthday brunch tomorrow.Iain is very good at watching out for the girls and making sure that they are not getting into his stuff. He enjoys helping with getting food on the table and finding the lovey bunnies for the girls' nap time. He has become a true media junkie and knows how to run the iPod much better than his mother. In an attempt to control all of the toddler trash on television, everyone has graduated to Hollywood musicals and classic Disney films like Polyanna and the original Love Bug. He will get stuck on a musical and request it everyday for a week. The current run is Anchors Away with Gene Kelly and Frank Sinatra.Jake and I were able to steal away from a weekend business and pleasure trip to St. Paul, MN, two weekends ago. Mana watched the kids, and after our Norwex pow wow, we spent time calculating our business taxes and then having a wonderful dinner out. We had two nights sleep with no children interrupting our beauty sleep. A body can sure feel rested.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Naptime Prayer

Iain: Mommy! Pray! Pray!
Erin: OK. You pray for us.
Iain grabs my hand: Dee Jesus, I thank you a Iain and Foner Lynn, and Daddy, and Mommy, and Mana, and Nanu, and Nani, and Nani, and Nani, and Toby, and Auntie Doodie, and...Mommy who else?
Erin: What about Elisa Rose?
Iain: And thank you Elisa Rose. And I ask for Poppa a working, and Ahhmen.
Fiona: My turn!!! My turn!!!
Erin: OK, Fiona, do you want to pray?
Fiona, grabs my hand: Jesus, a tank you my fairies and my bunny. A Mommy, a Daddy, a Elisa Rose, a Mana, a Nanu, a Nani, a Toby....A-MEN!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Midnight Madness

This is husband doing a quick blog about being married to wife. Wife has interesting blood on her mother's side of the family. This blood causes them to wake up in the middle of the night and either say or do strange things. Her brother tends to work and answer telephones to take orders at 3am. Wife's sister famously woke up in a hotel while wife and her mother were watching a movie. Wife's sister got into a pose like she was pushing something. She was trying to prevent a wine rack from falling on them while they were watching a movie. No word on the other brother.

Last night, wife wakes up and says to me in a voice similar to talking to a dog/baby, "Hi there, how are you doing? " She starts rubbing my shoulder and back like a dog. "There you are, how are you? " She keeps petting me like some sort of companion animal. I know I have fur, but not that kind, nor that same density. "Where'd you go?"

To which I respond, " I am right here."

She still pets and asks again in this good boy voice, "Where are you?"

I give her a kiss on the lips.

Her voice turns from a sweet honey to a sour grape. "I see how you really are!" She turns around and falls right back asleep. I stayed awake long enough to remember this oddity so I could remind her and hopefully the rest of the world. I wondered how far she would have taken this if I had not kissed her, maybe I didn't want to find out.

A multi generational ailment of the Madden/Griebahn blood is the search for babies in the bed. Wife's Grandma did it, Wife's Mom did it, and Wife has done it. Lil' Fiona or Elisa may too when the have children. Wife's brother does this too, so it crosses the chromosomes. Wife's dad used to aggravate his wife by even asking her where the baby was just to watch her search. I learned from his mistake that this does not produce happy wife.

that's all for now

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Recent Dialogue

The pure joy in my life are my little babies, and the ones that are talking continue to make Husband and I laugh hysterically. Here is the most recent sampling, fresh from their mouths last night.
Synopsis: Recently, Iain has been exposed to Errol Flynn's portrayal of Robin Hood. He found some small wooden, erector set type of toys from Jake's childhood, and asked Husband to change the construction from an airplane into a sword.
Iain, sticking his sword towards Fiona's belly: I'm Robin Hood! Give me your money!
Sitting on Jake's lap, Fiona lifts her hands to Iain and said: I'm poor!
Iain: No you aren't poor, you are rich. Give me your money!
Fiona: No, I'm poor!Last week, I was feeding the baby in her room, and I & F wanted to be playing around with her toys as well as opening and shutting the door. I told Iain to stop trying to close the door, but eventually he did shut himself out of the nursery. He had been wearing a train conductor hat that Nani got him for Easter.
Iain knocking on the door: Let me in!
Erin and the girls inside ignoring Iain.
Iain: Hey guys, let me in.
Still ignoring him.
Iain: Hello! I'm a choo choo man. Let me in! You guys need a choo choo man.
Erin: Oh thanks, but we don't need a choo choo man right now.
Iain: You GUYSSSSS!! You need a choo choo man!
Erin: Actually, Mama told the choo choo man to stop playing with the door, and so now you are locked out and I am feeding Elisa, so you will have to wait.
Iain becoming weepy: need a choo choo man.
Erin: I might need a choo choo man in a minute, after I am done feeding the baby.
Iain becoming hysterical, and crying: Mommy! Pleeeease let me in!
Erin getting up with Elisa still eating to let the choo choo man inside with all of the girls.Husband's uncle came into town for a business trip, so he was visiting at Nani's house. We went over to say hello and make a visit. Iain became very loud, and was rolling all over the floor, and jumping on and off of furniture. The behavior was very odd, and we realized he was trying to get tons of attention from everyone in the room.
Iain, singing at the top of his lungs: Makin' love, makin' love....
Jake looking at me: Is he saying 'Makin' love?' Where did he get THAT from?
Erin shaking her head.
Iain continuing to roll all over the floor.
Burton IV starts singing some sort of "Makin' Love" song.
Jake: Ahh!! He is singing "Make 'em laugh!!" from Singin' in the Rain"
Jake begins to sing along with Iain: Make 'em laugh! Make 'em laugh.
Burton IV: Singin' in the Rain 'eh? That's an odd movie for him to know a song from it.
Jake: Well, that's because Erin loves musicals so the kids watch them with her.
Erin: Thank you Iain, that was a wonderful song! Let's all just settle down...We had oatmeal for breakfast last week, and the kids are not fond of the hot mushy stuff. I fixed all of our portions together in the same bowl and loaded up the pile of hot oatmeal with butter, maple syrup, fresh raspberries, coconut and some carob chips.
Erin: Iain come here and take a bite of this.
Iain looking into the bowl: Mommmmmmy. That's strange. I don't like it.
Erin: It's not strange, it is delicious! Try a bite and then you can be done.
Iain taking a bite while grimacing. Starts to chew and then smiles: Mmmm Mommy. That's delicious!
Fiona: I have some! takes a bite Mmmmm delicious!

A few Sundays ago, Husband and I were getting the kids settled down for their nap. I had brought in a pile of coats and hats and things that needed to be put away.
Iain, in his attempts to stall the nap time: Hey, you guys clean my room now, OK? My room is all messy.
Erin: Uh, no. Your room is not messy right now, and I will decide when I clean your room.
Iain: No Mommy, this room is very messy. You guys clean this room up right now, OK?
Jake: No, it's not OK. Go to sleep now.Fiona running down the hallway, stubs her toe: Owwww! Mommy, I hurt my body. Kiss my body Mommy.

Fiona yelling from her crib after she was tucked in for the night: Daddy!!!! I need to go potty now! I make a ka ka now!!! Help me! Daddy!!!!

We had some green beans along with our hamburgers a couple weeks ago. Fiona started grabbing up each bean and quickly stuffed each one into her mouth saying: Mmmmm Delicious!
Iain: Mommy? These beans are not right. whinning like a sad puppy You have them Foner Lynn.
Erin: No, Iain, you need to eat your beans. They are good for you.
Iain: No Mommy. They aren't riiiiiiggghhht!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Two months gone

Today marks the technical two month anniversary of Elisa Rose's birth. She is changing like wind, and such an easy baby! I don't mind saying this, because it is the truth. Plain and simple. I will not be one of these mothers that down plays the obvious rough start we had with Fiona Lynn. I love Fiona with all her fervor and zest for life, but she was a horrible baby! Elisa and Iain have been so much easier. I feel happy and well rested, with this two month old already sleeping "through the night." At least for the past week, she has been going to bed around 11pm and sleeping through until 6:30 and today 7:15am. That's enough to be a completely different day! Elisa laughs at all the kisses and hugs and snuggles that anyone gives her, and she is so easy to please.There are two dimples in those cheeks! I see them everyday! They may not have as deep of a hole as her Mother figure, but they are present and accounted for: one on left, and one on right.Yeah, I can't blog often if ever. I am making an exception today, since it is the two month point with Elisa Rose. I would love to be one of these SAHMs who has paid advertising on her blog, with glorious recipes and homemade projects to post and blog about, but I don't have time to even read these blogs anymore, let alone maintain my own, rather sorry little space in the blogosphere.

Husband and I still love each other. Isn't that great? I love saying that...still. It means so much to me to say that when I realize that we are one month away from our 4 year wedding anniversary. Some of the crazy circus rides we come across, I hope to never ride again because what normal couple would say, "Hey, that was a horrible experience, resulting in an avalanche of arguments! Wanna do it again?" I love that we seem to never be stagnant, and we could never say that we have a boring relationship together.Iain and Fiona continue to amuse everyone they come in contact with, even perfect strangers approach us wherever we go to say how amusing and cute they are. It was quite embarrassing when we were approached in a restaurant by a very sweet old lady, and she said, "Your children are so adorable and cute!" and Iain said, "I'm cute too!" and the old lady saw another little girl in the booth behind us and then corrected herself, "Yes there are lots of cute kids in this restaurant." The cuteness comes with a price, because they are littler terrorists around the house and in the back yard. Last week they were digging holes...for some reason, and dumping the dirt right in front of the door on top of the new patio. Very vexing to have more mud brought into the house that I desperately try to keep looking presentable. I mean, if the queen decided to pay a call, the house should be 1/2 way presentable! So far I am doing very well on my chore list from

Fiona absolutely adores Elisa. Most days, she is asking, "I kiss Elisa Rose? I hug her too?" Some days, she is in a holding mood and so she gets herself ready by sitting on the couch and holding out her arms. Fiona gets very quiet as she prepares to hold the baby, and her smile is so big and her tenderness so adorable.
Then, big brother asks for a turn, because he sees that there could be some fun in holding this smaller person. Of course, he is never interested until Fiona is enjoying her self so much that he would actually make Fiona upset by asking for his turn. Do you get the picture? If not, see below...In this first frame, Iain is truly enjoying holding the baby, and Fiona becomes traumatized.In this 2nd frame, Fiona is besides herself and so overwrought with anguish that her brother is getting a turn with her baby, that she has to bury her face in the couch pillow. Iain realizes that he has won under the guise of caring enough for his baby sister to want a turn holding her.3rd frame, Fiona has her possession back, and Iain has realized that he truly doesn't have to hold the baby in order to have "A picture of all three Mama!" Thankfully, I found the battery charger to charge the battery in my fancy camera to actually get some good photos, quick enough!Here we are again, spending some good quality sister time together.Ah, this is the life! "How sweet it is, to be loved like this."

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Our Fiona Lynn

I was hoping to find a minute of time to post a little birthday post to my oldest daughter, actually on her birthday. She turned 2 today, but we did the main celebration yesterday to not have her birthday overcast by the fun and amazing Easter holiday. Lucky for her, her birthday just basically turned into a 2 day ordeal in her 2 year old mind: "I opened presents for 2 days, I turned 2, Mommy said Happy Birthday when I woke up for 2 days, Mommy made me 2 cakes, and everyone sang 'Happy Birthday' 2 times as well."
Oh, my dear little Princess Fiona. I love you so much! I have dreamed about you for a long time-even before I knew your Papa, I knew your name. I wanted to have another baby so quickly, and I must have been thinking of you. You came in like a furry, and with your name being "white" and your middle name meaning "waterfall," Papa is right that you are a white waterfall: So beautiful and mesmerizing, but strong, powerful, and determined. You are growing up too fast for me, but I love to see how you know what you want and you do everything to get it (even if it means throwing a fit on the floor and screaming your head off). You are very giving and sweet when you want to be, and the kisses and hugs you give are so precious. Because you are particular, I know you are a detail gal, just like Mama, and I like that about you. We detail people make this world so much fun! Even though it bugs me, I know that in your own little mind, you have a very particular and good reason to demand the "other one" when asking for a princess cup. I know that there are days when you find something really comfortable to wear, you just want to sleep in that outfit, and wear it the next day...especially if it has a fairy princess on it.You seem to have a good intuition, even now, but it makes me nervous when you will walk up to a table and sit with a random stranger, but then not let an aunt or uncle look at you without wincing. It is good that you are independent, but I do love it when you need time to sit on my lap and rest your head into my chest. I need that time with you too. Even though we have just hit the 2s, you are so articulate with your words and feelings and sometimes we forget that you are still have those 2 year old demands and limitations-like when you need a nap, you really still need a nap!You are so kind to your older brother and your baby sister, and I am so thankful that you enjoy both of them so much. I hope that all three of you stay close with each other and grow in fondness for each other. You will learn from both of them, and you will have a special place in both their hearts too.Even now, I am praying for your husband. I am praying that his parents are raising a very strong and determined little man to some day sweep you off your feet. And the Lord knows how to prepare him...even if it could mean that he needs "big boots to kick you with, and big lips to kiss you with."

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

So what's new on Planet Little Joseph?

Mama is busier than a one legged snow shoveler.

The kids dumped all of the bath toys in the toilet today, to make bath toy soup? This was while I was feeding l'bebe.

The weather is awesome, and the kids love being outside. I feel as though the backyard is a very cheap baby sitter, as long as the naughty neighbor kid isn't home antagonizing the kids and luring them to escape out of the gate.

Our water heater exploded on Saturday. Yes. Exploded. I ran down, barefoot, and I kept walking through scalding, rising water and hastily got Husband on the phone to figure out where the water main switch was located. Thankfully, he keeps that space cleared in the basement.

We somehow managed a very fun dinner party with the impromptu visits from both of my little brothers. The kid population grew by the two twins. One uncle came a week early for Fiona's birthday party, so instead he had some lovely hamburgers (said in the Julia Childs voice) on ciabatta rolls, waffle fries and a very fun mint ice cream cake that Husband and I just "threw" together last minute. We somehow managed to keep one brother and girlfriend here until 11ish, and then other brother with wife, and twins, stayed the night...we are crazy parents to be up talking with each other and watching...what were we glued to anyway? The conversation is always so riveting, and exciting. The only sad part was that Auntie Doodie called many times, wishing she was here with all of us. I absolutely love that my house turns into the clubhouse, especially when my parents have skipped town to dance on the beach.

Baby Elisa is growing like a weed, and it will be 6 weeks on Saturday. Where does the time go? She is such a good baby, and my demands as a mother have not truly increased with her because she is so pleasant and easy to take into any situation. Iain and Fiona are the handful to be had, but they go like bread and butter everywhere with each other and truly get along very well.

It's a meatloaf night, so time to put on the apron to get things started. Here is the photo update.