Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Boys are the best!

My little man is so cute in plaid an overalls...I can hardly stand it! I had mucho fun with my camera on Sunday, snapping him at the woodpile which is one of his favorite locations in the back yard. The day was beautiful and he just loved running around in all of the leaves.Jump to Tuesday, and Jake spent a good portion of his day mowing the lawn and the leaves and dumping them in the back yard. We are trying to avoid the stupid lawn bags and stupid stickers that we have to buy to have the city take away our leaves. I seriously miss Iowa City with the big leaf sucker-uppers that would come by and very nicely suck up the leaves that everyone piled in neat rows along the curbside. I am smelling the delicious pork (a nice sweet meat) I have in the crock pot for my dinner party tonight. Pulled pork in root beer sauce is on the menu along with baked macaroni and cheese and a banana cake. I haven't decided if I need to make an apple pie as well, especially since my pumpkin cheesecake didn't make it out of the gate. I was all geared up and ready to fire away in the kitchen this morning, especially since my little babies slept until 9:45...I was seriously starting to worry about them, but not too much! I had my nice sweet meat going, and I got out the recipe for the pumpkin cheesecake with maple sour cream on the top, and alas! "must be made one day ahead." WHA?! I don't think so...oh that can't be! I called Jake immediately, slightly desperate, "Do you think I can still make it?" Well, we won't be eating it for about 8 hours, so he said to go for it. I thought I could do it, but I made one more phone call to my mother who gave me a deadline of everything finished by noon and cooling. I looked at the clock and thought, I have enough time...but then I started to hear some little chirps, and we knew it wouldn't work out. I will have to save this tasty treat for another day.Jake was such a super hero husband yesterday. He mowed the lawn with lots of stopping with all of the bagging and the nagging information of his wisdom teeth being seriously jacked up. Not only does he have a cold, and some residual pain from a filling, a 360 degree radiograph revealed what we all expected: some messed up wisdom teeth. Between three dentists, they have decided this is the worst case they have ever seen. He is a freak of nature!! With all of that, the shopping that has to be done on his day off, a contentious wife, music class for the kids, and then his wife telling him that she is ditching him for her coffee group the man still pulled something from within and he cleaned both bathrooms! He also loaded and unloaded the dishwasher and swept the living areas all in preparation for our dinner party. What a doll. I want everyone to know that he went above and beyond the call of duty and he gets a sincere gold star for the day. Hopefully tonights dinner will be a good reward.Fiona had her six month check up yesterday, even though she is closer to seven months now. She was 16 pounds exactly and 26" long, right about at the 50%tile. A wee bit tinier than her brother who was 16 pounds 11 ounces at his 4 month checkup and in the 95%tile. Two totally different babies, with completely different personalities, and unfortunately different sleep habits as well. There was a reason why Fiona came along so quickly...Iain was sleeping through the night at 3 months and I thought, "This is easy! Let's have another one!" Fiona= not so easy. She is still a joy to have, but I am showing preferential opinion here and saying that boys are more more fun and very low maintanace to this girl. I really hope that she doesn't like fingernail polish and Barbie because I never really got into too much of that. I should be careful for what I wish for thought, because a Tomboy might not be in order either. I can't tell yet. Hopefully Fiona can find joy at the woodpile as well, or at least find her special place in the yard next spring. I just really hope that Houdini doesn't teach her any of his bad tricks.


ChurchPunkMom said...

perhaps you can bring that pumpkin cheesecake to our next coffee night. ;)

i will admit, i was kind of hoping for another boy when i was pregnant with jo, i LOVE boys. they're super fun, and so easy! we all adore jo though, and wouldn't trade her for 100 boys. :D

Erika said...

Kudos to Jake for his super-husband good deeds! Boy, if it were me who you called for the advice about whether or not to make the pumpkin cheesecake, I would've said "sure! you can make it today" knowing that I'd be coming over for lunch tomorrow.

Hey, I'm planning on making pulled pork sandwiches for a party for our church youth this sunday. I don't have a recipe for it though, so I was just gonna "wing" it. Maybe you can give me some tips!

See you tomorrow!