Tuesday, October 28, 2008

...the worst of times

We definitely had one of those not so great days on planet Little Joseph. First off Jake and I have some kind of crappy germ taking up residence inside of our very tired bodies. The coughing and sniffing and snorting, headaches, sore throat...basically the symptoms on the NyQuil box. We've got that all covered. Jake has had this crud for a couple days longer than I have, so hopefully he will start feeling better so that I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I am such a wretch, instead of being sympathetic to him when he is breaking out with symptoms last Tuesday, I just keep informing him that I will be very angry if contract this illness that he has brought into our little world over here. He has to be the culprit because the rest of us don't leave the house on a regular basis, except to get the stink blown off in our back yard or a walk around the neighborhood.Iain stomping on the Hawkeye stone...(yes!)

We had music class this morning, and since neither of us felt like we could utter a note without breaking into uncontrollable coughing, we summoned the Grandma Becky to take the little man for his weekly submersion of music. He was quite excited to see her and escape in her pretty car. Fiona slept while they were gone, so it was time to get to work around here. I had pulled an Overnightman sweatshirt over top of my pajamas when she came to the door and it seemed to be quite cozy as I started into some bead stringing.There has been a grown up date planned for almost a month to get out and see The Dutchess. The date had been temporarily canceled because of the funds being spent on some early Christmas shopping on our last impromptu, non coffee, but errand date that we had Friday night. Wow. Thrills and chills. After two very friendly deliveries today, the first being the Isabel Bloom ladybug strapped to the "Rocketship Run" children's music album that is an important necessity for the daily functions here, and the second being a paycheck for my data entry we would be able to go to that movie afterall! I was very excited and ready to rake some leaves to make the yard a little less frumpy, and I was so efficient with my non pregnant body for the first fall since we have lived in the house and have the need to rake leaves. Jake was on top of the roof sweeping leaves out of the gutter, and the weather warmed up beautifully this afternoon.I was very excited to find a delicious crock pot squash recipe on the Internet, so I started peeling an acorn and butternut squash as a good healthy side to our dinner tonight. I had been marking off many things from my chore list and I thought today would be even better than yesterday. The house has been staying pretty orderly and that always makes me breathe better when the clutter and filth is at bay (or at least under control). I had time to finally get out of my pajamas that were hiding under a sweatshirt and get all prettied up for my date. I couldn't find a pair of pants that were fitting the way I would prefer...but I tried not to get depressed, instead just trying to find something to look good in for my date with my Hunny Bunny.Fiona starting breakfast

Grandma Becky was here when she promised and helped feed Fiona her dinner so that I could eat mine and get the popcorn packed up that I was planning to sneak in to the theatre all slathered with coconut oil. Jake was very concerened that we would get caught and thought that my brown paper bag was too big and noticeable. We had to get going because the movie was playing over at Merle Hay Mall and it is a hike for us. Jake was out waiting in the car and I jumped in with my contraband snacks (popcorn and water) Jake had put Fiona to bed already, and Grandma Becky and Iain were plugged into Jonah. I let Jake pull out of the garage so that I didn't have to wrestle with the stroller in the garage, and we were off to...Something not so cool happening....

The rest of the night was an ever bigger bust. We drove a long ways over to Merle Hay and then Jake didn't know where the movie theatre was, so we hit Aldi on the way home and called it a night. The night was doomed. So we came home and unpacked the groceries, relieved Becky of her Iain watching duties and settled in for the night with our already popped pop corn and a half started movie.

Iain learned how to flick spit off of his toothbrush and the good belly laughs he made seemed to wipe the entire mess of the evening away for Jake. I still needed some quiet time with some music and just realizing that if things aren't meant to be we can't push them. It would appear that we weren't going to have that date tonight, and last week we would get water in our basement three times and the babies fall down and pick themselves up again each time or the water boils over and the leftovers are rotten. Sometimes there is some crying, and sometimes there is some screaming, but we keep walking through it all. Along with the popcorn, tonight I opened up the atomic Bubba pickles that have been brewing for two weeks. There was a crap ton of garlic and tobasco festering in that jar and it seemed to knock some of that conjestion and depression out of me. I was probably in need of some garlic.


ChurchPunkMom said...

yes, garlic. heaps of it.

we have the same bug working through over here.. that extra piece of garlic bread pizza i had today was purely for medicinal purposes. :P

Hope things are looking up today!

Deborah said...

Erin, I laughed so hard reading your post that it hurt. I hope that's OK. I love hearing your voice in my head as I read it. Life is hard but you make experiencing it more fun. Love ya. Glad the yuck is gone at your house.