Friday, March 19, 2010

Beginning of our fiscal year

We had a great St. Patrick's Day, spending time with friends and serving up my very first attempt at corned beef and cabbage. I love remembering the day, now FIVE years ago, when I knew that Husband had a thing for me. Those big huge butterfly wings hitting every side of my stomach...I still get them. What leaves me in disbelief, is that another year has gone by! March 17th somehow is the beginning of my calendar each year, like my own personal fiscal year or something. March 17th, even though it was two days ago, is the start of everything with Husband and it seems as though anything before that is ancient history. So what to report?
  • We got pregnant, sometime in June, and had our third baby in February. We survived all of the comments, and have come to accept that once we got past two kids, it is just the fact that we are officially "breeders."
  • Iain was potty trained, sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas. It was a long haul since I know we started trying sometime last March. Potty training is one of the most liberating things in parenting. There is, however, an entire new list of yucky things to have to think about, but I would rather wipe up pee off of the floor from a crazy little willie than wipe the smashed doodoo off of the bum. No contest there.
  • Fiona talks a mad streak! We love knowing what she is thinking and speaking, even if that means she is extremely opinionated.
  • Husband attempted a garden last year, and wife learned how to can some things. It is much easier buying pre-grown things, but it is very rewarding to see and taste things that were from our own yard.
  • We all flew in an airplane to visit Nanu and Mana's Sandcastle and played in her pool.
  • Husband won a 3rd place ribbon at the State Fair for a photography entry.
  • We played at the Highland Games in July.
  • Husband's brother got married in September.
  • Wife went to Weston Price nutrition conference in November.
  • We became Aunt and Uncle to the first cousins-the twins!
  • A few house projects, including a new lamp post, and paint on the last white walls in our house.
It is possible that I did not put one photograph in a baby book, and I have started several sweaters for different members of the family, but finished none of them. We had many disagreements about many different issues, but I can't remember one of them. And most days, when I feel I got nothing accomplished, I wonder why my man seems to loves me more each day. The kitchen is a disaster, he steps over train tracks and baskets of laundry that needs to be folded. Maybe I haven't showered in a few days, and not worn mascara in months, he still looks at me the same way he always has. I confess that I have the same situation, because I am more smitten with him each day and my heart leaps when he walks in the door each night even if I can't hear him above the noise of our sweet, sweet babies.

How does that happen? How do we not see each other all day, and then we share each other with three little people, and we still have the "za za zoo" that officially hit on March 17th, 2005? Every cuddle in the morning is worth all the snores through the night, and I only hoped he would be the best father that he is to our children. So, Honey, another year has gone by, and I'm still the one by your side.

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