Tuesday, March 30, 2010

So what's new on Planet Little Joseph?

Mama is busier than a one legged snow shoveler.

The kids dumped all of the bath toys in the toilet today, to make bath toy soup? This was while I was feeding l'bebe.

The weather is awesome, and the kids love being outside. I feel as though the backyard is a very cheap baby sitter, as long as the naughty neighbor kid isn't home antagonizing the kids and luring them to escape out of the gate.

Our water heater exploded on Saturday. Yes. Exploded. I ran down, barefoot, and I kept walking through scalding, rising water and hastily got Husband on the phone to figure out where the water main switch was located. Thankfully, he keeps that space cleared in the basement.

We somehow managed a very fun dinner party with the impromptu visits from both of my little brothers. The kid population grew by the two twins. One uncle came a week early for Fiona's birthday party, so instead he had some lovely hamburgers (said in the Julia Childs voice) on ciabatta rolls, waffle fries and a very fun mint ice cream cake that Husband and I just "threw" together last minute. We somehow managed to keep one brother and girlfriend here until 11ish, and then other brother with wife, and twins, stayed the night...we are crazy parents to be up talking with each other and watching...what were we glued to anyway? The conversation is always so riveting, and exciting. The only sad part was that Auntie Doodie called many times, wishing she was here with all of us. I absolutely love that my house turns into the clubhouse, especially when my parents have skipped town to dance on the beach.

Baby Elisa is growing like a weed, and it will be 6 weeks on Saturday. Where does the time go? She is such a good baby, and my demands as a mother have not truly increased with her because she is so pleasant and easy to take into any situation. Iain and Fiona are the handful to be had, but they go like bread and butter everywhere with each other and truly get along very well.

It's a meatloaf night, so time to put on the apron to get things started. Here is the photo update.

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