Sunday, April 4, 2010

Our Fiona Lynn

I was hoping to find a minute of time to post a little birthday post to my oldest daughter, actually on her birthday. She turned 2 today, but we did the main celebration yesterday to not have her birthday overcast by the fun and amazing Easter holiday. Lucky for her, her birthday just basically turned into a 2 day ordeal in her 2 year old mind: "I opened presents for 2 days, I turned 2, Mommy said Happy Birthday when I woke up for 2 days, Mommy made me 2 cakes, and everyone sang 'Happy Birthday' 2 times as well."
Oh, my dear little Princess Fiona. I love you so much! I have dreamed about you for a long time-even before I knew your Papa, I knew your name. I wanted to have another baby so quickly, and I must have been thinking of you. You came in like a furry, and with your name being "white" and your middle name meaning "waterfall," Papa is right that you are a white waterfall: So beautiful and mesmerizing, but strong, powerful, and determined. You are growing up too fast for me, but I love to see how you know what you want and you do everything to get it (even if it means throwing a fit on the floor and screaming your head off). You are very giving and sweet when you want to be, and the kisses and hugs you give are so precious. Because you are particular, I know you are a detail gal, just like Mama, and I like that about you. We detail people make this world so much fun! Even though it bugs me, I know that in your own little mind, you have a very particular and good reason to demand the "other one" when asking for a princess cup. I know that there are days when you find something really comfortable to wear, you just want to sleep in that outfit, and wear it the next day...especially if it has a fairy princess on it.You seem to have a good intuition, even now, but it makes me nervous when you will walk up to a table and sit with a random stranger, but then not let an aunt or uncle look at you without wincing. It is good that you are independent, but I do love it when you need time to sit on my lap and rest your head into my chest. I need that time with you too. Even though we have just hit the 2s, you are so articulate with your words and feelings and sometimes we forget that you are still have those 2 year old demands and limitations-like when you need a nap, you really still need a nap!You are so kind to your older brother and your baby sister, and I am so thankful that you enjoy both of them so much. I hope that all three of you stay close with each other and grow in fondness for each other. You will learn from both of them, and you will have a special place in both their hearts too.Even now, I am praying for your husband. I am praying that his parents are raising a very strong and determined little man to some day sweep you off your feet. And the Lord knows how to prepare him...even if it could mean that he needs "big boots to kick you with, and big lips to kiss you with."

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