Monday, May 18, 2009

Monday Dialogue

After making some homemade fried chicken, Fiona became a little possessive over some chicken skin. I was totally grossed out to be in a battle over chicken skin with my little sweet tooth, but she was belligerent beyond belief! I had heard that chicken skin would do this little baby some good with all of those good fats that her growing body needs, so I was open to feeding it to her. Since I can't stand the stuff, I thought it would be fine for her to have a small section, until I realized that she was stashing half of it in her fist and the other half in her mouth!

Mama: Fiona, you are getting grease from that skin all over everywhere. *prying her hand open* Give it to Mama.

Fiona: Screeeeeeeeeeech! Gripping the chicken skin tighter

Mama: Fiona, give Mama the chicken skin.

Fiona: Ma ma ma exposing a wad of chicken skin in her mouth

Mama: Oh my heart! You are still sucking on another piece?! Give me that other piece in your hand. This is so greasy! trying to pry open Fiona's hand

Fiona: Gritting her teeth Screeeech!!!! Shaking her fist at me

Mama: I am taking that away from you, now!!

Fiona: Shoves the chicken skin from her hand, into her mouth, squealing and laughing, while bouncing up and down with her mouth stuffed with chicken skin

Mama: Jake? Do you think that she can choke on this? Would it totally get caught in her...alright, you're done, Fiona! Mama sweeps out Fiona's mouth with a huge wad of chicken skin. You're done! You are not going to choke on chicken skin! How white trash would that sound?! One year old chokes on a huge wad of chicken skin that her Mother allowed her to have while walking around the living room. Hardly!

Fiona: Screaming and crying hysterically over the loss of the chicken skin

Talk on the Block....
All four of us were in the back yard. The babies were playing, and Jake and I were ripping up some earth for our garden.
Pierce: Can I come over and play?
Jake: Not tonight.
Pierce: Can Iain come over and play?
Jake: Not tonight.
Pierce: OK.
Some time passes...Pierce kept passing one of his light sabers through the fence to Iain. Caesar was attacking the light saber, and Fiona's precious head was in constant threat of a toddler handling a light saber.
Erin: Iain, give that back to Pierce.
Pierce: He can have it.
Erin: Thanks, but he can't have it. The dogs are going nuts, and I don't want them to attack your light saber. Iain, give it back now!
Pierce: Does he have his own light saber?
Erin: No he doesn't have a light saber.
Pierce: Well, why doesn't Iain have his own light saber?
Erin: Because Iain is 2 years old and he doesn't know what a light saber is. When he is old enough to watch Star Wars we will consider a light saber at that time.
Pierce: I am 5 and a half, so I can have a light saber.
Erin: Yep.
Some silence elapses
Pierce: My Daddy has like 8 million Star Wars. Pierce's mom is calling for him to come in. Well, I gotta go in now, bye!
Iain: BYE!

A short time passes
Pierce: I'm back! Can I come over and play?
Jake: Not tonight.
Pierce's mom calls him back in to the house.
Pierce: Bye!
Iain: BYE!
Some more time passes...about 15 minutes
Pierce comes running outside again You guys are still out here! I can't believe you are still out here!!


Erika said...

Okay, this was laugh-out-loud funny! Put a smile on this fried-chicken-loving southern girl's face! : )

Deborah said...

too funny!