Friday, June 5, 2009

Let them eat pie!

I have decided...*drum roll please* have my first give away.

Yes, a give away! Everywhere I look in the blog universe, people are giving stuff away! Why are they doing this? They want readers and followers! A blog giveaway is the easiest way to snatch up followers: give them something! Duh.

Someday, if I ever become a world famous blogger and writer or I get noticed by someone for my long winded dribble (I believe my Mom called my last post...a dissertation...and not in a good way).

There has been this idea of homemade pies. After I actually sold some pies, by accident, I asked Jake about a pie give away at Planet Little Joseph. He liked the idea, since it would probably mean he would be getting pie as well. Jake knows that when I make pie, I make two at a time. Of course I could just make one and put that up for the contest, but the recipe makes two crusts at a time. I am sure that there are two crusts so that you could put a top layer of crust on top, but I make open faced pies so we always get two OR a pie + quiche.

With all of the suggestions and the support, I am going to enter some pie(s) at the Iowa State Fair this summer. I know that I am going to need some pie testers, and the best way I can figure to be fair about testing is to at least be giving one whole 9" pie away. The spare pie will be for testing, but the giveaway pie will leave the house to one lucky individual to do as they will with the pie. Oh my, I just realized that someone could use the pie to hit someone in the face with a pie. Oh dear! OK that is my one rule!! Do not throw my precious pie at someone! If you have to throw a pie at someone, go and buy a pie at Perkins.

My pies are made from scratch with high quality ingredients. I use butter and or coconut oil, organic flour, organic milk and eggs...hmmm what else? My little brother can always taste the love in the food I make, and he is always so sweet to point it out to me. I realize I could sound like the crazy Karla from Top Chef, but she is so right! Now I haven't started meditating during yoga about the food I make, but I am not as good as Karla is either. I just love to bake and I love to cook! Have you seen my tummy and Jake's tummy? Um, hello! We have good eatin' around here!

So the rules for this pie give away:
  • You probably like me or know me to be reading the blog, but I need your comments so I know you are reading! Why wouldn't I want to see comments from my adoring fans?
  • The pie contest starts NOW!
  • I am allowing one entry per day per reader until Sunday, June 7th, 8pm
  • I am sure it seems odd to allow one entry per day per reader but this is just going to increase your odds of winning a beautiful pie all to yourself!
  • The pie will be ready on Monday, and I will be calling whomever is the chosen winner
  • Since I have never had a giveaway, I don't know what other rules to put in. Read. Post your name on the blog which would tell me you have read something, AND you get entered.
  • The only person that is not allowed to enter is Husband. You get pie whenever you want, Husband!
  • Oh yeah, if you live out of town, I will bring you your pie when I see you. Seriously.
The pie that is up will be the Strawberry Sour Cream pie. Depending on how this works out, and all of the pies I will need to make to practice for the fair, there could be many pies up for the popularity contest in the future.


Erika said...

So how "freezeable" is your strawberry sour cream pie? If I win it, I may keep it and bring it out for celebration when baby stevenson #2 arrives. : )

According to my doctor today, he could come sooner than expected. Doc is guessing that he is already about the weight Lucy was at birth and I am not even 36 weeks yet! He's also dropped pretty low now too. Could be in the 9 lb range if I make it to my due date.

Here we go! : )

EMJ said...

I don't know that this pie will freeze, but I will allow the pregnant lady to name the day for the pie. That baby will come when he is good and ready! You can do it! Iain was 9.3 and I was fine. He came with no pain meds, but I was on Pit for 12 hours so it felt better to push him out! Babies who are a bit bigger sleep better and eat better. Remember how I could cart Iain anywhere? He would just sleep and eat and sleep. He was such a good baby!

Negative Nancy said...

Hi Erin! This is Tricia, I stumbled over here from your FB posting. I hope you don't mind me nosing around! ;) You are already on the road to one of my dream jobs - baking. Perhaps if we ever move back, you can show me the ropes of pie crust. I can make seriously mean cakes and cookies, but pie seems to still conquer me. Say hello to Jake for me!

Heather said...

Yay! I'd love to win your pie! Can you ship it pretty please!

Deborah said...

Pie! I want pie! Me me me...! ;)

History Maker said...
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BGriebahn said...

Pie glorious pie--so luscious and yummy!
I want mine on the day of the Highland Games if I win!

Amanda S. said...

Wow, June 7th is tomorrow already. Put my name in please.

I made one of these pies on Thursday using your recipe and we finished it up last night. Yum. I'd love to try one that you've made! I noticed you said "without giving everything away" when you posted your recipe. So is there a secret ingredient? Hmmmm...

Where do you buy your coconut oil?


Anonymous said...

I NEED a pie. A lucious strawberry pie sounds wonderful... and since my oven is broken I can't bake and try the recipe myself yet.=)

Julene said...

Anyone with the last name of Smith, Grider, or Linberg loves pie. Count me in.

Angela said...

I told you I'd gladly be your pie distributer out here in Denver. But that would require you to come out here and teach me how to make your secrets. Don't worry, I keep family recipe secrets. :-P