Friday, June 19, 2009

We (heart) Coldplay!

It shouldn't have surprised us tonight at our dinner party when Fiona said, "Coldplay!" The babies absolutely love "Viva La Vida" and in fact drop everything to start clapping the instant they hear the strings introduction! Iain and Fiona are broadening their Coldplay likes because they are overexposed!!

Jake and I must confess that we are huge, HUGE fans of Coldplay!! We were elated to find out that they would have a tour spot in Des Moines this summer, and last Friday night we were able to see the very best concert show in our very own city!! It was a blast!!I have been a Coldplay fan since Thanksgiving break of 2000. I had been to England with my mom and sister for our Thanksgiving break, and heard some of the first songs off of Parachuetes. I listened to them all of the time, and spent loads of time downloading anything I could find the word Coldplay in on Napster (before it was illegal? hmmm It was college). I was extremely excited about Rush of Blood to the Head, even though I have always struggled with that first song, the rest of the album...loved it! I actually wore out my first copy so I had to buy a 2nd copy.

Jake gave me the very, very best 1st birthday-together-present, the week after he proposed, he took me to St. Louis to my very first Coldplay concert. I was extatic, and crying at times because I couldn't believe that I was listening to them play LIVE! We were in an outdoor concert park thingy, and I could squish Chris Martin like a bug with my two fingers, but we were there. So that fabulous birthday present was the X and Y tour in 2006.

Then we get the Viva La Vida album which is so much fun, and Jake surprises me again with concert tickets in Chicago last summer. Fiona was super tiny, and Jake figured out that Chicago would be the only place we could see the band because I have a wonderful Auntie that could watch our little offspring while we go and make fools of ourselves at a concert. Jake S-P-L-U-R-G-E-D and we were in row 13 in the center. I could see the beads of sweat on Chris Martin's face and see the sometimes or always dirty looks of Johnny Buckland, and the fuzz flying off the drum mallet as Will Champion beat the heck out of his huge "war" drum during Viva La Vida. During the finale, we were covered in butterflies that are released during "Lovers in Japan" and I swept up a handful to...keep in a box with my concert tickets until they are properly displayed in my scrapbook.We couldn't pass up seeing Coldplay in Des Moines, and an even BETTER deal was the opening band of Snow Patrol (another one of our all time favorite bands). They were great, we loved it! So, yes, there is something really fun and fabulous about a Coldplay concert, and I might sound like an idiot talking about them, but they make good music! Their show is filled with serious light action, 5 foot balloons floating through the arena, butterfly confetti, and this last concert they were giving out CDs with a new song as well as a bunch of their older songs all live. It was great! Our babies love their music, we love it on CDs on iTunes, and we especially love them LIVE at the concerts!

I've got to get a video uploaded of the babies dancing to Coldplay....


Erika said...

Darin and I have freinds who went to the concert but couldn't afford to buy great seats, so they were seated quite far away... anyways, before the show started some brittish accented guys came up to them and started talking to them... turns out they worked for coldplay and upgraded our friends' seats to the floor-SECOND ROW!

Apparently they got showered by Coldplay's sweat... it was like winning the coldplay lottery or something. Very cool.

EMJ said...

I would agree that they won the Coldplay lottery, but I am thinking that they probably moved them so that Coldplay could perform in their seats at the end of the show. Wild!