Monday, June 1, 2009

Monday Dialogue

Before the Monday Dialogue, first my own little Monday monologue about the blog. To keep all of my adoring fans and argumentative critics updated on the Crazy Lady at the Park blog: WOW! I have had multiple people write to me and or tell me that their comments did not post. What a shame! I have heard from many women that after investing the time in reading through the blog plus the extensive comments, their own two cents (in support of my controversial blog about a mother's choice to work) are floating somewhere in cyberspace. Thank you for at least telling me in person that you support my position. I never thought that there would be 19 comments posted to one blog. It would appear that my silly stories about home life are not as entertaining as some more serious topics. I am sure there will be more posts that pop up full of controversy and opinions, and the entire process has produced growth for me.

Our little babies are learning to talk more each week and the innocent dialogue that they have with each other, although unintelligible to me at times, is nevertheless, adorable! My heart just leaps when the baby babble results in a productive playtime for Iain and Fiona. The latest has been the directions (in baby bah bah) about who will push whom in the push car. It is the hottest item at our house these days. I am going to enlist Jake to upload some video that I have of the two comics in the push car.

Fiona's words seem to identify objects just now, but Iain with his one syllable words is putting more together and in the context of the situation, we are able to communicate a little better than the baby cave man grunts that he is so famous for. (By the way, the dogs are farting up a storm right now...I seriously need a gas mask.) The funniest thing for Jake and I is hearing Iain say words that could be construed as 4 letter naughty words, but in context, they are perfectly fine little toddler pronunciation issues.
The setting: Erin is getting Iain ready for bed.
Erin: Let's put on some jammie pants for you, so your legs don't get cold.
Iain: OK.
Erin: There you go.
Iain: Shit...shit...shit.
Erin: This shirt is fine on you sweetie. (Iain is wearing grey football pants, with an ugly Hawkeye gold T-shirt)
Iain: No. Shit. Ball shit.
Erin: Do you really want the long sleeve football shirt? I don't want you to get too warm with long sleeves on tonight.
Iain: Ball shit. Uh huh.
Erin: OK here we go. The shit, I mean shirt, with the footballs on it.
Iain: Ecstatic that his pajamas are finally a matched set.

The setting: The following night. Iain has been stalling during the bedtime ritual, and I have insisted that it is now time for bed.
Erin: We have read stories, we brushed your teeth, we prayed, we had songs...
Iain whimpering and pointing out of his room: Cock, cock, cock.
Erin: Sweetie, I don't know what you are meaning by this.
Iain, crying more: Cock. Cock....whimper cock.
Erin realizing that Cock is actually the word for his Doc Hudson car from the movie cars: Well, your Doc car is sleeping and it is time for you to sleep too.
Iain screaming: Noooooo.
Erin turns on the twilight turtle: Good night Iain and Fiona!
Erin walks out of the room and shuts the door, but still hears "Coooooock!" from Iain's screaming mouth.

The setting was Sunday afternoon, and I am abuzz in the kitchen getting my last two strawberry sour cream pies ready to bake. Husband has been hanging on me in the kitchen, and stealing kisses that I do enjoy, but at the time were just slowing me down on my very tight time crunch for the pie baking venture.
Erin: Honey, if you can give me some space here (kiss) after I get these pies in the oven, I will have about 30 minutes if you would like to have an appointment.
Jake: Do you mean like, an appointment appointment?
Erin: Well, yeah. That is what this is really about right?
Jake: Yes, yes it is.
Erin: Why don't you head out and get those plants planted, and hopefully, I will have both pies ready and in the oven, just in time for an appointment while the kiddos are still taking their nap.
Jake: I am going to hurry out and plant those plants. Yeah.
Husband goes out to plant his plants, and comes back in to give a progress report.
: All done out there, how's it going in here?
Erin: Pretty good, I have one in the oven, and just about done with the other one.
Jake: OK. I'm gonna go and check the garden.
A few minutes elapse.
Jake, enters the kitchen again: Do I hear someone? Are you kidding me? Where is she?
Erin: She's in the living room reading her books.
Jake: What?! Does this mean that our appointment is canceled?
Erin: What do you suggest?
Jake hangs his head: I dunno.
Erin: Do you suggest that we continue with our appointment in front of her?
Jake: No. I was just really looking forward to that appointment.
Erin: What can I say, so was I. But look at her. She is so stinkin' cute!
Jake: I know! Hello my little Fiona sweet tooth! What are you doin' in here?
Erin thinks: Rain check.

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