Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Monday Dialogue and Tuesday Observations

I know it is Tuesday, so the idea of Monday Dialogue on a Tuesday is a bit confusing, but the point of Monday Dialogue is that we spend the day with Husband and so there is more talking between Husband and Wife. There is more dialogue with the babes as well, so, I don't know, it is confusing, but these bits are from Monday:

Jake getting Fiona out of bed: Fiona? Did you kaka?
Fiona: No! A bunny, FART! A blankie, FART!
Jake: Oh? your bunny and your blankie farted? you are clean?
Fiona: YEAH!

Right now, my observation of Fiona, is that she is has pulled down her pants, and is mesmerized by walking around with her pants down around her ankles. Also she is finding it very amusing to throw the Little People Nativity all over the house.

Husband discovered Iain sitting with a carrot, and the peeler. He brought it to me and said, Were you peeling a carrot and got distracted? or do I have reason to believe that someone fetched this carrot on his own and has decided to peel it? I had no intentions to peel a carrot, but I had been letting Iain help me bring in carrots from the garage yesterday while I was cooking...Husband said, He must want the carrot, so he peeled it and Iain was walking around gnawing on this huge carrot. The little man will not eat a carrot stick, but this huge carrot was his cup a tea. Fiona came to me in the kitchen and said, "Mommy, a pink carrot." I said, I'm sorry, but we don't have pink carrots. I don't know if God made pink carrots. She said, OK and walked away. Later I found Iain with no carrot, but a huge orange mustache around his mouth.

This morning Fiona told Jake that there was pink snow outside...we are still trying to figure out if she is a girly girl, by requesting pink and princess things all of the time, OR if she is truly not a girly girl when she declares her BURPs and FARTs so loudly and adamantly. The verdict is still out.Iain initially said these things a few days ago while we were eating dinner, but he repeated himself in a new situation last night, and I just love it!
Iain: Poppa, more water?
Husband: Ignoring Iain, continues to eat.
Wife: Looks at Husband still eating, and looks at Iain, and gets up to get him more water.
No Mama, you sit, eat. Poppa! MORE water!!

Last night, it was during dinner, the same scenario, except Iain asked to go potty, and the same thing happened, and Iain told me again, No Mama, you eat. I love that my little man understands how things have been working at our dinner, or breakfast table, which is that I am always the last one to the table by finishing up a dish, or just actually making my food since I typically make Husband's first and then babes and then mine. He somehow knew that it would be alright to insist on his Poppa helping out, while I got a chance to eat.
There has been an ongoing discussion about this branch in the back yard the fell about a month ago. We noticed a branch hanging from one of our trees, but it was very high up and just hanging on. After a rain storm this fall, it fell...on the Little Tikes play structure, right on top of the slide. This was a bit distressing as I wandered down the idea that one of my babes could have been on the slide when this branch decided to fall. We pray for extra angels to protect these babes whenever we get the chance, because there are some things we know we will not be able to protect them from. Having the slide thing right underneath the tree, was a bad move on the parent's part.

So before Husband and I knew each other, I have wanted to have a branch of some kind, inside of my dwelling place. I had one picked out while living in my condo, but I could never figure out a way to secure the branch without putting holes into my brand, spankin' new condo, so I never took the plunge to introduce a branch inside. My plan was to have white twinkle lights and various birds that I have been collecting to perch, and during the holiday season would be a good time to have twinkle lights, but I thought it could stay up indefinitely. I got this idea while I was in college, as my roommates and I were all addicted to watching Trading Spaces. The older man with the glasses put a huge tree in someone's kitchen, and I just liked the idea. It was very interesting.

With much debate, and some of those, "She's crazy" looks from Husband, I have my branch, with twinkle lights and birds. Even though I despise, loathe and abominate pet birds, and I am absolutely terrified of huge flocks of birds overhead like crows...I have always had a fond appreciation for wild birds like cardinals, blue jays, chickadees, goldfinches...you get the idea. So when I have seen wild bird ornaments, I absolutely buy them. My first acquisition was in Germany...at Epcot Center...of one of those Old World ornaments...not the fake ones, the real ones, the expensive ones and I found a peacock, with a real feather as the tail. I found him in 2002. After Husband and I got married, I found a few more bird ornaments at my favorite jewelry store, and I started a bit of a tradition between us for the tree in our room and called it our "love bird" tree. My "love bird" tree will now be the "love bird" branch. I am so "Martha"!

I will take the credit for the idea of the branch, but Husband gets the credit for making my idea happen, but cutting the right size branch and screwing it to the wall.

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BKG said...

Looks like you have created a cozy, romantic little spot to watch your favorite Christmas movies at night, while the children are nestled all snug in their beds...