Friday, December 4, 2009

Speed Blogging

Instead of writing the normal dribble, today's post will be explaining my photos, which we all know can be worth 1000 words on their own.

Fiona is first today. She is blooming into a very opinionated and chatty little girl. "No" is her favorite word of choice, but this clever Mama is always testing her to see if the "NO!" truly means no. She has decided that her favorite color is pink, and only wants to wear pink clothes, pink socks, pink shoes, pink diapers, and drink from pink cups and eat pink food. If it is not pink, then it is all about princesses. We took the babes to see Disney on Ice, and she was yelling for all of the princesses as if they had just made a touchdown. Iain has decided he is in love with his Auntie Doodie. He talks about her all of the time, and if he isn't trying to tell me which way to pull out of the driveway..."No MOM! The other way!" or telling me that he is ready to go to his Mana or Nani's house, then he would rather be talking to Auntie Doodie on the phone, telling me about the cool slippers she bought him or wanting to go to HER house. He has decided that he is not a little boy anymore, rather he is Robin Hood. Since discovering his acute imagination, we can't go anywhere without his beach hat, now officially the "Hood hat" including taking it in to bed where he lays it right next to him on his pillow, and he can't go on the potty without the Hood hat as well. He has decided to acquiesce, and wear a stocking cap underneath of the Hood hat when we go outside in the bitter cold. But don't forget! The hat must be tilted at a 45 degree angle, to cover one eye in order to be completely authentic.The two of them together are quite a pair. About 90% of the time, they get along like the best of friends, and even in those moments of despair, one of them will take charge: "Foner! No! A-my book! Here yours!" or Fiona will just shriek at the highest tone she can make, so that Mama will get involved.
This Mama is still pregnant, and just starting in the last wave before the end. Loads of baby movement inside my belly, and I+F love to kiss and hug my belly, and today, I think they truly felt a kick. Iain said, "Mom! It kicked you!" Husband is starting in on the holiday rush, and couldn't be having a worse time with his 4th illness...cold, flu, crap, whatever you want to call it...of the year. Unfortunately, now Wife is annoyed because this is the first time she has come down with anything this year, so I am kicking him at night as he is snoring and my throat feels like I have razor blade ornaments hanging from my nonexistent tonsils, and I have to roll my huge body out of bed to go and blow my nose in order to breathe.Yeah, we still love each other. Our 5th Thanksgiving together, and baby number three is coming down the pipeline.

This next photo is to prove to myself AND my sister, and any family members, that Doodie and I, in fact, look very similar. We have the same parents, so it stands to reason. That's all I'm going to say on that matter. I have been busy with all different types of projects. Several friends have had babes in the month of November, so I have been knitting a few little baby pilot caps. Fiona is modeling the second made hat, which is Iowa State themed and I did figure out how to get a big juicy gold I right on the top. This cap is for one of Jake's co-worker's baby boy Alex. Mom used to play basketball for ISU, and dad played football. I hope they liked it.
The third hat is on baby Ehlis, and this was more true to the newborn size. The ISU cap turned out a bit too large. Gauge issues always aggravate me. You knitters will know what I am saying.

Here is the stack of bibs I knocked out on my dear old friend sewing machine. There are more on Fiona's pile than Iain's, and the two of them pointed that out to me. So this means that Iain will not wear anything that is pink or floral in nature. Most of the fabric was from scraps that I had lying around, and all of the backs are different fabric as well. These are serious fun, and save all of our adorable clothing...when we wear them.
Here we have Fiona modeling the first one to get snaps put onAnd this is the back view. Difficult to see that the bibs look a bit like a pinafore.

I had a horrible experience with my work from home job, the bead stringing/repair. I left a bead job, in the middle, getting up for...hmmm...probably something important...and I came back to find Fiona shaking this 5 strand bracelet. Fortunately, I found several of the beads. Unfortunately, there were still some missing beads, and Husband found a few. And unfortunately again, I found some while vacuuming, and this biggest misfortune, was realizing that I had sucked one into the vacuum. I had to go in after it. Can you find it in this mess?Growing up with a dentist for a father, there has never been an absence of latex gloves. I have had to order up a box to keep on hand at my house, and they are great! Cleaning toilets? Glove up. Cleaning up puke? Glove up, and mask on. Sifting through the vacuum bag? Glove up, and mask on. You can learn a great deal about your life by having to sift through a vacuum bag. The main thing I learned, is that when Husband is at the helm, there are lots of things that are going into the vacuum that should be being picked up: bobby pins, paper clips, little plastic balls that go to our fake fish tank, and a long extension ladder that belongs on a little fire truck. This last item is not too small to see, or grab, or pick up.

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Matthew's Wifey said...

Oh Erin! I love reading your blog! Your children are so adorable. I can't wait to meet baby Joseph #3. I also enjoyed the pictures of you and Jake. It is obvious you are still so in love and I just love it!!