Monday, February 8, 2010

Monday Dialogue

There is more snow today. What was predicted as 1-2" dusting is now in the 5-10" range. How does that happen?

Iain: Mom, nice eyes, nice nose, nice glasses, nice hair.
Mama: Thank you, you are sweet.
Iain: I love you too, Mom.
Mama: I love you too, Iain.
Mornings in my 9th month of pregnancy

Iain: Sniffs the air. Mama, smell something.
Mama: Fiona? Did you make a kaka in your pants? I smell something.
Fiona: No, a FART! I cleeeeen!

Husband leaving for work...
Husband: Kisses wife I love you, honey. Have a good day.
Iain: Bye bye Poppa! A hug too?
Husband: Bye Iain. Hugs.
Fiona: A hug toooooo!
Husband: Laughing Bye Fiona. Hugs.
Fiona: Kiss toooooo!
Husband: Laughs, kisses Fiona.
Iain: A forget your lunch bag!
Husband: Thank you Iain, I have it.
Iain: Taking a bite of toast. Drive safe Papa!
Husband: I will drive safe!

Helping clean the kitchen-this is pre-Christmas, hence the tree still up

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