Friday, February 19, 2010

Planet inhabitants to increase

Things are moving over here at Planet Little Joseph. The laundry is getting done, the counters are getting cleared off, and we are getting ready for a party! A new baby party! I am almost positive about this new Joseph sailing in sometime over the weekend, and the weekend starts tonight, right?

Yesterday I went for a wonderful acupuncture treatment to relieve some stress from the recent drama of my kidney health and to help with all of this back pain. I love the woman who treats me, and she is always so complimentary of me during pregnancy. "Oh you just look great! You are radiating these beautiful Mama glow everywhere! Are we kick starting things today?" WHA? Ummm I don't think so. Oh wait, we are getting close, I guess it wouldn't matter. So she went after all of those labor inducing points, and dang! Those spots really did sting. Last night, I noticed a little bit of cramping action, but what can I say? I am just trying not to think about it.

HA! This morning, we are greeted with another snow storm approaching the DSMetro, and I am reminded that Iain and Fiona were both born during snow storms. Yes, both. Husband gets out of the door, and I was feeding I & F during departure, and they are just in love with these little Stonefield Yo Baby! yogurts. They have bi-passed the eggs two days in a row, and have decided that they like to dip their sausage links in the yogurt....Fiona then declares, "Mama a mess! Help me! Wash hands. Yogurt ewweywhere." This morning she had yogurt everywhere TWICE: once going down and a second time coming back up. I was folding CLEAN clothes, and I was caught in that freeze moment, trying to decide is it better to move a puking child to the bathroom and risk cleaning up a trail of puke? or do we let it just all come out in a puddle, splashing mom's feet and kid's feet, and then have puking kid walk away saying "All done" as she makes another puke puddle by my knitting corner? Both are bad ideas. So this brings me to scrubbing my floors on my hands and knees. I don't know if it is an old wives tale, or what, but I have heard it suggested if you are past due, to get on your knees and scrub the kitchen floor. I got to scrub my living room floor, and I only realized after I was half way through that I was again priming myself for labor.

So here we are tonight, and after some nice little texting and phone conferences with my birth confident Deborah, we are getting close! I am trying to be excited. No, wait, I AM EXCITED! I had some little errands to run today like dropping off some serious correspondence at the post office, dumping off a bag of books at Goodwill, and swinging through Little Padded Seats to pick up a Moby wrap. There were very few people on the road, and I realized I was crazy when they lady at Goodwill said, "What possessed you to come out in this kind of weather today?" Oh, well, you know. Just trying to tie up my loose ends around the house since I will be heading for a new level of being home bound with my little flock of chicks.

Just to throw in another element, I continue to be glued to the TV each night, watching the Olympics. Last night I was up much later than Husband, watching the Men's Figure Skating Final, and tonight I am just soaking up this pairs ice dancing. How could it get any better than figure skating with ballroom twisted together. Granted, I am not catching my breathe as much since there are no jumps, throws, lifts, etc. but the Men's Super G is giving me the gasps and adrenaline sufficient for Olympic watching and could that also be potential labor starter?

Godspeed to my little one.

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