Monday, February 22, 2010

We have added another girl!

I think with the last post I was still maybe 50% in denial that I was actually in labor. HA! February 20th, at 7:47am our little girl, Elisa Rose (eh-LY-suh) entered the world, in our first ever home birth, peacefully and speedily! God is so good, and he did grant this baby some quick speed when she did decide to make her emergence. She weighed 8 pounds, 2 ounces and was 21" long. I am calling her my string bean, because she is my longest, but lightest baby. I have an amazing birth story, but for now, here are the photos that we keep reminding ourselves to take:
She's here! Complete elation from Mama.
Big brother Iain: "Ah, she's cute!" He was awake, but occupied by his shows. Confused when he needed to use the bathroom that morning.
A midwife for each of us: Cosette helped me and Kari (holding Elisa) was in charge of baby

Still too early for photos...a grimace quicker than any flash!Snuggled on Mama's chest with the Miss Dashwood hat.
Auntie Trisha stopped by to meet her after work.

Uncle Josh and Julietta also dropped in that night (Josh is a ginormous hit with I & F, flying them around the house, but he didn't want to hold Elisa...not until she is a bit bigger: "I don't hold my nieces at this age.")
Bright and early the next morning, Kari came back for assessment and the weigh in: 8 pounds! She must be eating well!
The 24 hour checkpoint, and still the grimace from that horrid flash!
By Sunday, Fiona was not as crabby about her new sister's invasion on her baby status.
The amazing Husband taking a rest with baby Elisa. He has been cooking, cleaning, getting laundry, oh and don't forget being the labor coach and switchboard operator during that last hour of crucial instructions from our good friend Deborah (oh and she is also a Dr. and prophetess) in IL.
Day two, and still comfortable in my recovery room: my bedroom!
Such a good baby!
Our 3rd morning. Maintenance man fulfilled our order for a bedroom TV so we could all be in bed together, while Mama still recovers. No age requirement for this ward.Nani Joseph came this morning to meet Elisa. She had been at the Vancouver Olympics.

In her own time, Fiona became ready, and excited, to be a big sister. She asked to "hold Baby Elisa, now my turn. Shhhh! Baby Elisa sleeping. Wow. Wow."


Ruth said...

The pictures are great. I'm glad everything went so well.

Baby Slings said...

I have to admit the last 2 pictures of fiona and elisa are the most captivating ones !

Julene said...

We have that last picture of Fiona and Elisa as our computer background--it's so cute and reminds us to rejoice with you.