Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Two months gone

Today marks the technical two month anniversary of Elisa Rose's birth. She is changing like wind, and such an easy baby! I don't mind saying this, because it is the truth. Plain and simple. I will not be one of these mothers that down plays the obvious rough start we had with Fiona Lynn. I love Fiona with all her fervor and zest for life, but she was a horrible baby! Elisa and Iain have been so much easier. I feel happy and well rested, with this two month old already sleeping "through the night." At least for the past week, she has been going to bed around 11pm and sleeping through until 6:30 and today 7:15am. That's enough to be a completely different day! Elisa laughs at all the kisses and hugs and snuggles that anyone gives her, and she is so easy to please.There are two dimples in those cheeks! I see them everyday! They may not have as deep of a hole as her Mother figure, but they are present and accounted for: one on left, and one on right.Yeah, I can't blog often if ever. I am making an exception today, since it is the two month point with Elisa Rose. I would love to be one of these SAHMs who has paid advertising on her blog, with glorious recipes and homemade projects to post and blog about, but I don't have time to even read these blogs anymore, let alone maintain my own, rather sorry little space in the blogosphere.

Husband and I still love each other. Isn't that great? I love saying that...still. It means so much to me to say that when I realize that we are one month away from our 4 year wedding anniversary. Some of the crazy circus rides we come across, I hope to never ride again because what normal couple would say, "Hey, that was a horrible experience, resulting in an avalanche of arguments! Wanna do it again?" I love that we seem to never be stagnant, and we could never say that we have a boring relationship together.Iain and Fiona continue to amuse everyone they come in contact with, even perfect strangers approach us wherever we go to say how amusing and cute they are. It was quite embarrassing when we were approached in a restaurant by a very sweet old lady, and she said, "Your children are so adorable and cute!" and Iain said, "I'm cute too!" and the old lady saw another little girl in the booth behind us and then corrected herself, "Yes there are lots of cute kids in this restaurant." The cuteness comes with a price, because they are littler terrorists around the house and in the back yard. Last week they were digging holes...for some reason, and dumping the dirt right in front of the door on top of the new patio. Very vexing to have more mud brought into the house that I desperately try to keep looking presentable. I mean, if the queen decided to pay a call, the house should be 1/2 way presentable! So far I am doing very well on my chore list from http://www.motivatedmoms.com/

Fiona absolutely adores Elisa. Most days, she is asking, "I kiss Elisa Rose? I hug her too?" Some days, she is in a holding mood and so she gets herself ready by sitting on the couch and holding out her arms. Fiona gets very quiet as she prepares to hold the baby, and her smile is so big and her tenderness so adorable.
Then, big brother asks for a turn, because he sees that there could be some fun in holding this smaller person. Of course, he is never interested until Fiona is enjoying her self so much that he would actually make Fiona upset by asking for his turn. Do you get the picture? If not, see below...In this first frame, Iain is truly enjoying holding the baby, and Fiona becomes traumatized.In this 2nd frame, Fiona is besides herself and so overwrought with anguish that her brother is getting a turn with her baby, that she has to bury her face in the couch pillow. Iain realizes that he has won under the guise of caring enough for his baby sister to want a turn holding her.3rd frame, Fiona has her possession back, and Iain has realized that he truly doesn't have to hold the baby in order to have "A picture of all three Mama!" Thankfully, I found the battery charger to charge the battery in my fancy camera to actually get some good photos, quick enough!Here we are again, spending some good quality sister time together.Ah, this is the life! "How sweet it is, to be loved like this."

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Oh yes yes, it must be the day on which she was born!! :o)
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