Friday, May 14, 2010

Midnight Madness

This is husband doing a quick blog about being married to wife. Wife has interesting blood on her mother's side of the family. This blood causes them to wake up in the middle of the night and either say or do strange things. Her brother tends to work and answer telephones to take orders at 3am. Wife's sister famously woke up in a hotel while wife and her mother were watching a movie. Wife's sister got into a pose like she was pushing something. She was trying to prevent a wine rack from falling on them while they were watching a movie. No word on the other brother.

Last night, wife wakes up and says to me in a voice similar to talking to a dog/baby, "Hi there, how are you doing? " She starts rubbing my shoulder and back like a dog. "There you are, how are you? " She keeps petting me like some sort of companion animal. I know I have fur, but not that kind, nor that same density. "Where'd you go?"

To which I respond, " I am right here."

She still pets and asks again in this good boy voice, "Where are you?"

I give her a kiss on the lips.

Her voice turns from a sweet honey to a sour grape. "I see how you really are!" She turns around and falls right back asleep. I stayed awake long enough to remember this oddity so I could remind her and hopefully the rest of the world. I wondered how far she would have taken this if I had not kissed her, maybe I didn't want to find out.

A multi generational ailment of the Madden/Griebahn blood is the search for babies in the bed. Wife's Grandma did it, Wife's Mom did it, and Wife has done it. Lil' Fiona or Elisa may too when the have children. Wife's brother does this too, so it crosses the chromosomes. Wife's dad used to aggravate his wife by even asking her where the baby was just to watch her search. I learned from his mistake that this does not produce happy wife.

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