Saturday, May 15, 2010

Naptime Prayer

Iain: Mommy! Pray! Pray!
Erin: OK. You pray for us.
Iain grabs my hand: Dee Jesus, I thank you a Iain and Foner Lynn, and Daddy, and Mommy, and Mana, and Nanu, and Nani, and Nani, and Nani, and Toby, and Auntie Doodie, and...Mommy who else?
Erin: What about Elisa Rose?
Iain: And thank you Elisa Rose. And I ask for Poppa a working, and Ahhmen.
Fiona: My turn!!! My turn!!!
Erin: OK, Fiona, do you want to pray?
Fiona, grabs my hand: Jesus, a tank you my fairies and my bunny. A Mommy, a Daddy, a Elisa Rose, a Mana, a Nanu, a Nani, a Toby....A-MEN!

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