Thursday, January 15, 2009

A Note from Brutus

As everyone is painfully aware, "It's firkin' freezing in here Mr. Bigglesworth!" We are staying in, no matter what the cost, and we all have on sweatshirts over top of the long underwear pajamas on the kiddos, legwarmers for me, and the incredibly mobile space heater: kids room at night, play room during the day. Brutus, being the decorative dog that he really is, does not approve of this weather. He loves snow, and will run around in it very excitedly, but these Siberian temperatures do not go along with his delicate constitution.When I just let him out, for his second time today in the backyard facilities, I could tell that he was wishing he was paper trained. He barely took a step and then peed. Then he immediately started pooping, but his legs seemed to get frozen in mid-walk. He was just past the door, now done pooping, with one back leg in the air, and he wasn't moving. I called for him to come in quickly, since the bare skin on my hand was being frozen in a matter of nano-seconds, and as he seemed paralyzed by the cold I was afraid I was going to have to retrieve him. These things with the dog always become complicated when I am running around the house in my slippers, and trying to keep the young human offspring away from the door and the elements. I kept calling him, and he somehow managed to turn the corner of the house, where I assume he was able to turn around and come back in the little path he had made in the snow. He came in as quickly as he was able, still with the back leg hiked in the air. Very gingerly, he stepped over the threshold of the door and then made a dash for a rug to sit on. I went after him, hoping that I could warm up his little paw in my hand, but he wanted to deal with it on his own. I was afraid that his dignity had also been frozen.The only beings to leave the house have been Brutus and Jake. The rest of us are perfectly content to stay in the house and watch the thermometer bounce between -16 and 6 throughout the day. The sun was shining and the sky was a perfect blue, and under that same sky both sets of our parents are in warmer climates. Becky and Toby picked the perfect week to head to Hawaii, and Lynn and Brenda are snuggled safely on Marco even if their windows are closed during a "cold spell" down there. The phrase of "you have my deepest sympathy" in regards of the weather that we are all experiencing, does feel like a prison sentence and for some reason I am not picking up on the sincerity in those comments.The cabin fever is hitting and it is getting to all of us. In one of Iain's many fits today, he did want to go outside. He kept saying, "Snow, snow, go go!" and he was very upset when I refused to bundle him up in his "boot boots!" Fiona started repeating "Uh oh" yesterday after she slid her plate off of the highchair. She was very pleased with herself about the plate and about the talking. She does not seem phased in the least with the weather outside. She is playing more and more each day. Yesterday and today she has decided that the two steps in the playroom will be perfect for her to spend time climbing. Unfortunately, the babes both like the steps and they are becoming littered with toys for Jake and I to fall over.We have been battling some serious diaper rash for the past couple of weeks. Jake went out to buy some replacement caledula cream by Wendella. He was referring to it as Caligula cream, so now that is all I can call it. It smells so wonderfully hippie, I do love it, but I don't like that my babes little tushies are raw. They are getting much better. My quest for cloth diapers has been moved to the back burner and may remain there permanently. In hopes of getting some more air down there, I put Iain in a cloth diaper yesterday, only to have him peepee through the entire diaper, cover, onesie, baby legs, and outfit. We had to over from naked skin, and this was of course after he had a bath. I don't know that it is cost effective to have to wash all of those items of clothing for one diaper change. The poop that does not roll out is really taking a toll on me as well, so I don't know that I will be able to make the quantum leap that many of my friends have made in switching to cloth. We are still dealing with Sir Piss Alot and Fiona PooPoo and the idea of shaking off all of the doodoo in the toilet just...I don't know...all of the germs and filth and grime. No. Not doing it today or tomorrow. Maybe in a couple more days, I will try it out again.My very fun movie review is for "P.S. I love you." Great chick flick, great love story, great love letters, and hunky Irishmen. After a second time through tonight with no babes to interrupt, I realize I had missed some of the great little things throughout the film that all fit together in the end, and so my initial A- has been moved to an A+. I also realized that James Blunt has a song in the closing credits, and it does that great thing of perfect lyric fitting that I seem to always be butting heads about with my little little brother. This little film got me through my three overflowing baskets of laundry to be folded tonight, and for that I was extremely grateful.

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