Saturday, January 10, 2009

We got dumped on!

I am sure that we are in for a real treat with our own offspring. The phrase about your children being the embodiment of your own actions as a youth x10! In my opinion, Iain looks just like his father in these photos of our 12th Night Celebration when the kids got their presents from us. The Slinky is a huge hit as well as our new addition to our Veggie collection Sumo of the Opera. I still like snow. Iain loves snow and he is enamored of any type of big equipment that makes noise and has lights while they are removing snow. He was frozen with curiosity when we saw a bulldozer clearing the library parking lot this morning. I had to do a double Mommy hip carry of the two babes. I guess I should be thankful for that extra pudge still hanging around my is somewhat of a ledge for a little butt perched on each side of me. I still don't like the pudge, but I like carrying them together one in each arm. I think my rugby coach would be proud of the pipes I have now.The Fiona girl is starting to stand while pulling herself up against something. She is very excited with her latest milestone, and this is such an exciting time for her to be learning to stand on her feet but I tend to get a little frantic about the falls and the little squirt hitting her melon on all kinds of things, mainly, the wood floors throughout the house.We are officially out of the 2nd batch of 2009 chili. The first batch was gone on New Year's Day, and it was mighty tasty with 1/2 beef and 1/2 venison but didn't have enough kick for me. The last batch was beef and I added Graziano's sausage and more funky looking peppers. I have no idea what kind of peppers I added, but I had one little red one, one even littler green one and four jalapenos. The key this time around was the crock pot, but it needs to go a good 6 hours. The chili got spicier with each round of leftovers, and Jake started to pour a glass of milk with his each time. I know my man likes hot stuff *wink*, but could this have been a little too hot? I didn't measure the other spices out, and I might have accidentally put in a good amount of coriander, I know I had an "uh-oh" amount of oregano, doubled the garlic, and poured the Tabasco. It was fiery! I did dump in some honey as well, but I don't know that I could duplicate this batch. When you eye ball everything, it doesn't necessarily brew the same way twice.The house is finally void of Christmas decorations. I hate taking them all down! The house seems so naked, but also refreshing so I am glad to have more room in the house and all of the boxes back down in the basement. It seemed as though I was not able to get any house work done since I couldn't get a double nap going for the babes. We started to clear a path with the push cart. I pushed the babes around and picked up stuff throughout the house that needed to be moved into different rooms. I would pile things into the car and all over the children, push them quickly to the back of the house making all of those crazy screeching car noises, and they were laughing and giggling and I was getting my house work done! Yippee! This is not an everyday occurrence.We are currently obsessed with the E.D. Smith Blueberry, Raspberry, and Pomegranate fruit spread that we found at our favorite store, Costco. This spread is going on the waffles, the pancakes, in the yogurt and all over every body's face! Fiona is also a big fan, but we don't know if her bunny appreciates that she now looks like Gorbachev.

So since it is a Saturday night I think we will do something fun! Oh yeah...shoveling that beautiful snow.

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