Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sushi Baby

Our little Fiona is eating anything that comes close to her hands and it is so exciting! We were at WOK in Motion last night to witness B.J. propose to Sable...and she said "Yes!" and I am so excited that I will not be the only outlaw, uh hem, I mean in-law in the Joseph family. It was great that we were able to sneak in and grab some photos AND video footage of this very momentous moment.We also got to eat sushi! I would eat sushi every day of the week if I could A)afford it and B) there wasn't such a risk with mercury poisoning. Jake and I ate an obscene amount of sushi when we were dating, and almost every meal on our honeymoon was sushi...well we had our fair share of burgers also. Anyhow, Fiona had her first piece of sushi last night and she was very excited! She tried stuffing the entire piece in her mouth and her excitement was so cute. I barely had time to get the camera out and get this moment preserved! The little pig pig eater had MAJOR snacks at home before heading to WOK, and then she downed two pork pot stickers, a little pile of seaweed salad and the California part of the Rainbow sushi roll that we had. She was screaming for more, but we didn't want to over do it on her first trip we always eat every last piece of sushi between the two of us. We are pig pig sushi eaters as well.

Iain is completely disinterested in any type of ethnic food, even though he was just as eager to eat sushi when he was a littler man. He found great pleasure in dipping his chopsticks into the pot sticker sauce and licking it off, but then flinging it around everywhere. He threw his pot sticker pieces back on the dish which has been his best signal to us that he doesn't want to participate in the food we are eating. He is fine to share his portion with the rest of us, and in this case it was sent to the baby garbage disposal. First night with a Tootsie pop, and he remained fairly content with his "trUck" and Gideon Bible.

Looking up photos in the January 09 folder, I accidentally clicked on the January 08 folder and saw my little Prince looking back at me. It is almost difficult to imagine a year ago that it was just the three of us, but Iain was for sure trying to reach around my belly. My little cuddle bug is still a joy each and every day and growing into a great helper around the house, a good friend to his sister and a ball full of energy! He was still in his "Lotion Head" phase in this photo, one of Jake's personal nicknames. He called him a lotion head because his hair was so fine and smooth it felt like it had been covered in lotion! How do parents come up with these nicknames? That one hasn't stuck very well, but what a cutie.
Even though this photo was taken right after Christmas, this would be the smiling face in the suit that heads out the door to "sell bling" to the masses each morning. What a hunk. I'd buy jewelry from him.

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