Tuesday, September 1, 2009

It is officially September!

To say I haven't blogged in a long time, would be an understatement. How horrible that I leave any of my diligent readers hanging on the chickenpox photo of Fiona for the entire summer!Our summer has been jammed pack full to the rafters! Some of the biggest news, officially has been broadcast to all of the immediate family as of yesterday, so I can officially announce on Planet Little Joseph that we are expecting a new resident here sometime the end of February or early March of next year. I am around week 14 so officially in my 2nd trimester. Second trimester officially means that I am not exhausted or having any more nausea. Yippee!! This little baby has proved to be the very most difficult during the first trimester and hardest on my body. I have no idea what THAT is all about. It has been a touch more difficult having my little audience watching all of my heaving and groaning around the clock. I felt I had officially sunk to a new low, when Jake had to pull the car over, I was hanging out the side of the car heaving, and then Iain started to imitate me.
Jake and I feel very blessed, and Jake has been so good to help me stay in perspective when I haven't been feeling well. His emotional support has been my encouragement and on some mornings when I could barely drag myself to the toilet, he was helping change those horrible diapers that would put me over the edge...oh and the ones I would leave to spray out until the end of the day he also took care of!Iain with "the Hounds" Barney and Louie (Gooey according to Iain), at Auntie Sable's (Sab house

Some of our family and friends have all had those mixed reactions when we announce a new baby. We tried to keep it under wraps as long as we could to A)not make a big deal out of it and B) hold off all of those off color comments that people make when they think they are being "funny" but in actuality they are being really crass and impolite. We have known about this baby since Father's Day morning. I had to tell some people...so it has leaked out, and here are some of the reactions:

Very good friend, Deborah: Screaming and shrieking! Oh my goodness!! That is great!!!

Very good friend, Teresa: Gasp! Oh, praise to Jesus! Then almost sounding as if she teared up...

Good friends, Deena and Daren who are expecting their first babe in November I told over Facebook, and I kind of said that Deena jinxed me because she borrowed a non-maternity dress for a wedding, and when I said that it wasn't maternity and I would want to wear it this summer, she presumed I was already pregnant. I probably was. That was the Coldplay weekend. Deena and Daren also gave me much sympathy over the 4th of July since I was very sick, possibly with food poisoning and in the middle of our chickenpox outbreak. One of Daren's funny comments about us having our 3rd, as we were leaving the Gateway Market was, "So you are saying you will be moving from a man to man defense to a zone defense."

My sister, Sarah: Oh Doodie! Congratulations! Just don't turn into the Swansons! (Family friends who have 8 children)My brother, Josh, GUESSED, after I told him about Iain mocking me being sick: "You're pregnant, aren't you?! I said, Why would you think that? Can't a girl have food poisoning now and again? Ummm...no, you never get sick. You are pregnant.

My brother, Zach: WHAT?!!!! You're kidding!! When are you due? Zach was pretty excited, especially since his wife was expecting their first baby in February and knowing that our babes would be very close in age. Now we know that Erin Kathleen is expecting twins!!

I told my siblings in July, but asked them to keep our secret from my parents until we thought they might be more ready to handle us having another baby...I told my parents after the day at the fair. My mom said, "Congratulations!" I felt I respected her wishes and told her in person, since she doesn't like being told over the phone. I thought her response was slightly better in person, and much better with Congratulations instead of "I thought you were waiting" which is what she said for both Iain and Fiona. My sister had warned me that Mom noticed my belly the weekend before and it would be difficult to hide , plus my siblings were on me to tell my parents because they all felt they might slip up with the secret. My mom then said, "Lynn! did you hear that"! He said, Yeah, from where he was taking a nap, but then came into the room with us and after my mom expressed how cute it was that all of her offspring were keeping my secret my dad said, "Does Jake know?"Iain after his face plant at the library. He was so excited to check out books and DVDs that he was running and tripped on the cursed blanket. The photo doesn't do the wound justice.Jake has been keeping busy with our garden this summer. I have canned 14 pints of salsa and a gallon of marinara sauce all from our garden! I have another load of tomatoes waiting for me.

I always think that I might be able to pee on a stick and not tell Jake about it for a few days, or a few hours, but we are in such sync with each other he knows with the crackling of the wrapper that there is something brewing. Jake likes to keep secrets much longer than I am capable, so he broke the news to his family yesterday while at work. I realized that we told everyone about Fiona the week before Labor Day and she was expected the end of March...and since this baby is expected the end of February, we have been able to stay on the down low a month longer. Since Jake's brother is getting married at the end of September and I have already started wearing maternity clothes I strongly encouraged him to break the news before Fiona and Iain spilled the beans for us!My "spare time" project of dishrags, turned into my first order. These were the 5 that my customer bought.

Both Iain and Fiona have started poking my baby belly and squealing saying, "Baby!" It is the most precious thing! Fiona still is confused as to where the baby actually is, because sometimes she is confused when Iain is reminding her where she could get milk from and then learning where my belly button is. Iain has shoved her head to my breast, saying, "Baby! Milk! Go!!" We all get a big chuckle out of it, but the look on Fiona's face says, "I am totally over that!"
Fiona loved her tutu dress and was completely delighted to wear this all day. She really turned heads, especially running around Caribou Coffee.

We have tons of photos from the summer, but these are all mobile uploads.


Joanna said...

Hooray! Count me in with Deborah on the shrieking (silent, because I'm at work) and excited squeals (under my breath, see above). I'm so excited for your whole family. This is definitely something to celebrate. Much love!

Julene said...

Yeah! Yeah! and Yeah, again! Happy for you!