Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Unleash the Photos!

Husband finally found the cord for the camera! *sigh* "Were you storing the camera cord in the desk drawer?" Well, either I was storing it there, or one of my little helpers stashed it there.Photos from the Iowa State Fair 2009

The big news around our house is the POTTY! I feel so degreatatated confessing that Husband and I would be excited about potty talk with the babes, but they are BOTH going for it, simultaneously! Fiona just asked to go one day, most likely after listening to us begging Iain to go and sit on the potty. It was terribly exciting to spend some of my birthday money on some new underwear that is gender specific for each of them. The selection for Fiona was annoying. My choices were Minnie Mouse, Tinkerbell and fairies, or Dora the Explorer. Hmmm. She knows none of these characters, plus the smallest size was 2T and my little babe is still in 18mo. clothes. The choices for Iain were endless! Bob the Builder, Thomas the Train, Lightning McQueen from Cars, but I settled on the Pixar pack which got us a two Lightning undies and then a Nemo, a Wall-e, the Incredibles and two Buzz Lightyear.
The Cliffy Swing Set-uncle Josh sweating like a butcher! It became even darker that night...

I was so excited to get home and present each one of them with their new potty incentive of character underwear that is so thin and streamlined, compared to the bulky cloth diapers we have been in since the beginning of the summer. Fiona got hers first and she oooed, and then Iain got his and immediately recognized "Lightning!" Fiona dropper her package, and went to Iain and also exclaimed, "Lightning!" I was a bit sad that Fiona did not recognize any of the fairies on her underwear, but why on earth should she?! We don't watch girlie cartoons or films around here. I realize I am starting to sound like an equal rights, feminist Mama here, but I have become much more sensitive to the fact that by default, Fiona is primarily exposed to cars, trucks, trains, oh and Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang.No shirts today? Someone gets an idea...and the other one follow suit.
She gets just as excited when we hear the garbage truck or a firetruck go by and stops everything to say, "Truck! Truck!" She plays cars with Iain as her baby dolls lie in a heap, longing for holding and pretend nourishment. Instead, their sticky polyester outfits are collecting dust and dog hair. Even at a trip to the library, she bypassed the girlie films I pointed out to her and was oogling over Thomas the Train with Iain and the all male Veggie Tales (oooo...I remember seeing another mom blogger complaining about the lack of female vegetables many months ago, and I thought, "You have way too much time on your hands to worry about the gender of the VeggieTales!")This has to be a case of who comes out first, sets the stage. I remember my brothers complaining about the "puffy dresses" films that my sister and I would always rent from the library, and how totally bored they claimed to be. They took tap lessons and wore leotards-only one year!-under their M. C. Hammer pants, and they know most of the words if not all of them to all of the musical show tunes that I know by heart. Both of them played soccer and football and are extremely macho, so my hopes of Fiona claiming her femininity is not lost. She loves wearing dresses, and she has recently become obsessed with her shoes. Since we are past the pulling on Mama's jewelry, I have been wearing more necklaces, and she notices my jewelry as well, saying "neck" when she wants to wear my necklace. The bracelet we got her when she was born, to match Mama's, not fits her and she is pretty taken in with it, until she rips it off. Phew! She will be fiiiiiiiine.8th annual theatre weekend to Spring Green/Dodgeville

During the last week, the babes have started changing their names for us. It used to be Mama and Poppa for us, and with Iain's latest Caillou craze, he now calls Jake "Daddy." I finally figured it out after he was watching and I heard Caillou talking about his Daddy. Fiona has switched from calling me Mama to just barking, "MOM!" I can handle the switches since they are coming up with their own names for us. As long as they never call me "Ma" I will be just fine. I hate hearing "Ma!" especially in older kids and even worse with adults calling their mother "Ma." To get our attention in the most ignored situations, Iain especially, will call Jake or me "Honey!" Fiona copies him and starts saying "Honey!" as well. We have figured out that Honey is used when they really need us and they know that we both answer to Honey when Jake calls me Honey or I call him Honey. We start cracking up when we hear our little 2 year old yelling "HONEY!" in the backyard and we just know that all of our nosy neighbors can hear our dialogue.

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