Saturday, September 19, 2009

Monday Dialogue

Iain and I have started having these adorable little conversations! I love them! Fiona is stepping right up and making even more and more sense as well. No longer do I feel that I am floating around in the grunting and screaming world, but rather, these vibrant minds are connecting what they observe in their world, mix in some of their baby perceptions, and ta da! We have some language! Jake and I are still acting interpreters, and I do feel that my grade has risen from an F in toddler translation up to a B-. If my brother was a reader of PLJ he would be wondering what page of Bunyan we have conquered...where did I put that?

After Iain realized there was a van sitting in our driveway, he became very curious and wanted to know what it was for.
Iain: Mama? A truck.
Mama: Yes, that is a van.
Iain: Ohhhh...a van! A go?
Mama: No, we aren't going to go in it. The van is for Poppa and Uncle BJ to take to the football game.
Iain: A game?
Mama: Yes.
Iain: dog? A corn?
Mama: Yeah, they might eat hot dogs and popcorn.
Iain: A...Sabie?
Mama: Aunt Sable is staying at her house to watch her dogs, so she isn't going.

Iain: Daddy! A doing?
Jake cleaning out the fish tank
Iain: Daddy! A DOING???
Jake: I'm giving the fish tank a bath.
Iain: Whoa! Fish a bath! A funny!!

Iain: Mama a shirt! *crying*
Mama: I know, that shirt was wet, so we need to get you a new one.
Iain: A FROG shirt!!!!
Mama: I've got the frog shirt.
Iain: Yeah! Libbit! Libbit!

Both Iain and Fiona have decided that they like knowing where everyone is and what their state of being is. Both are very eager to tell us that the other one is sleeping, or AWAKE if the case may be. Iain will tell us that Fiona wants out of a place, if he wants her to get out, even if she does not want to get out. He assures us that it is Fiona who really wants "out." They have both learned how to communicate with the dogs. Iain calls "Bruda" and "Cezar" and proceeds to scream "NO" and "BAD" when the dogs are interfering with something in child's play or stealing food from the babes.With our new swing set and the obsession with swinging, Auntie Doodie taught Iain some new swing vocabulary. It isn't about being "high" anymore, "unnerdogs" are all of the rage now. Fiona's latest obsession is diamonds. How on earth can an 18 month old already say "dImon" and then ask to wear Mama's diamond, unless there is something in the genetic code of that little girl! She is slowly learning her gem identification, and it will be limited, since compared to the world of fine jewelry, I have a limited selection of precious gems. We will have to send both babes off to the "jewelry" store to "work" with Poppa at some point and he can show them all of the pretties. When we pick Jake up from work at night, and the babes see the lights go off, Iain quickly says, "Night night a jewelry" and then he tells me quickly, "Mama, a jewelry a sleeping."With BJ and Sabie's wedding coming up this weekend, we had a little dress rehearsal to make sure the ensembles fit appropriately. We got on the dress and the socks and the perfect little shoes, along with the little tuxedo and saddle shoes. The two of them were quite a site to behold! I wanted to snap some photos, but they wouldn't hold still together. I asked them to hold hands, and then they took off walking together into the driveway. They were having a blast in their fancy duds, and Fiona had a full blown fit when it was time to take of her dress. She loves the "frow frow" flower on the sash, and I am a bit afraid that she will rip it off at some point. Hopefully we can have other distractions for her the day that she walks the aisle. We still need to procure a little bow tie for our little man.

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