Tuesday, September 29, 2009

60th post!

OK, so I have posted 60 times. wow. My main purpose with Planet Little Joseph is to somehow have a bit of a recorded dialogue for our life, and currently the blog is standing in the place of the baby books. There is so much going on all of the time!

I get an F for the wedding weekend, as far as recording photos of this momentous event. All of the little projects that I particularly did on my own, or contributed to, were up for a moment and gone in another moment. I am so glad that I have plans to use the "calligraphy" later on, because at one point during the evening I felt this was an extremely insignificant detail that required many man hours at my house. Oh well! It was an experience for sure! But again, I did not take one photo! It was all that I could do to carry a diaper bag and have a child screaming, or in my arms all while wanting to wear my very fun and dangerous, shiny, and strappy stilettos at the reception. I am actually debating about selling them in our garage sale on Saturday. Do the words maternity dress and stiletto shoes even belong in the same sentence?

Of course it will be weeks before we even see and of the professional photos that were taken, and I do hope to catch glimpses of my handsome Husband, and darling babies all in their wedding finery. My little brother Zach did take a video of the wedding ceremony that still needs to be previewed, so there are the glimpses that we will see, and unfortunately the crying and uncooperative Joseph ring bearer and Joseph flower girl that will be encapsulated in video format for all eternity. When Fiona gets married, we can use her video as ammo that a flower girl should really be about 7 in order to walk the aisle, otherwise it is just torture for the mother of the flower girl and or ring bearer.

So they got married with a HITCH! It was an all day ordeal that was so exciting and greatly anticipated and we are all so relieved that it is over and done. As momentous as a wedding ceremony and wedding feast are in a person's life, there has got to be a way that the planning could be a bit less stressful. But there are always different circumstances and different angles and backgrounds that everyone is coming from. There is the merging of two foreign countries!

I missed the toast by my father in law, and according to my family, he referenced our wedding as well as me as his daughter in law. And there I...wasn't! I wasn't even in the room for the toast, but instead I was changing a dirty diaper on my little flower girl. I heard nothing. In fact, I entered the room as my FIL was passing the mic over to Husband so I missed it all. Husband gave a very funny, anecdotal recount of all of the crazy advice we received when we were getting married: When you argue, bake a cake and get in bed; always argue in the nude; a recipe for honeymoon salad-lettuce alone, no dressing. His next bit was a toast from the Elizabethan time period about a newly married woman who asks her physician when the best time of day to have sex. He responds by saying the morning is good, but the night is more sweet. So the bride deduces that they will "do it each morn for health, and each night for pleasure." The crowd laughed quite hardily, but Husband could never end with just one thing poetic, he had to throw in, "And the last bit of advice is from BJs own alma mater, Iowa State's fight song: Hit it hard, every yard, for ISU." It was quite a toast.My parents displayed their ballroom dancing prowess during the dinner hour. The dinner conversation on my half of the table was trying to keep Fiona fed the little bumble bee cupcakes since she was famished and waiting for dinner, and trying to figure out how each song could be danced. Overall, I missed the first toast, I missed the cake cutting, I didn't even see the wedding cake, and again, I have no photos to prove the wedding even happened. Even though, I wouldn't trade my babies for anything, it is very difficult to take them to a completely adult event. And since they were two out of six children at the wedding, they stuck out like a sore thumb!

After my darling babies were whisked away by Nanu and Mana (the new name for Grandma, coined by Iain himself) Jake and I spent the rest of the evening, field compliments about our current egg sitting, dancing a few dances, and sitting out in the bar watching the Iowa Hawks come back for a victory against Penn State. The whole day and evening made Husband very happy, but the wedding was an even bigger blur than my own wedding blur. I pray that I am not sinking in to my own "dark years" as my mother refers to the 5-7 year period of time from when #3 was born until #4 was 5 years old. Hopefully the blog will help.

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