Friday, November 7, 2008

Children's Music

My mom thinks it is funny that Iain and Fiona need to have music wherever they go. We are in Iowa City for a visit tonight and tomorrow, and the CD player in the guest room has given up the ghost and we are down to the radio. Fiona was very tired, but screaming her head off earlier in the afternoon, and I couldn't seem to find the classical radio station. I hit my favorite jazz station 88.3FM and within a minute, she was sucking her thumb and going to sleep. Grandma Griebahn said that they are very sensitive, but I just do what works.

On the wintery mix drive that we made today, I was really missing the Cadillac, but the CD player was very nice in the Honda. Iain is much more relaxed when we have some kiddie tunes playing, and he has become more vocal on the volume. If he can't hear it, he makes some moaning and groaning and hand flailing to let me know that it isn't loud enough, Mom! We were listening to Rocketship Run and it is by far his favorite CD right now. Some days in the morning, he wants to have his music turned on before he gets out of bed. He clutches the side of his crib so that I can barely reach him, and points to the CD player as his little command to me. Once the rocketship starts to take off "Five-four-three-two-one, BLAST OFF! Another rocket ship run..." he is bouncing and grooving to the music.

We also have our Bongo CD from Music Together class, but I have had to draw the line at the Elmo crap. I hate Elmo. He doesn't talk properly and it drives me nuts!! Why should we encourage baby talk to the babies?! When the babies talk in their little language it is very cute, but when a muppet does not use the correct syntax with his very annoying voice, and especially when I am trying to merge, I just really can't handle it. Thankfully, he hasn't missed the Elmo thing, because I refuse to play it enough for him to get attached.

After the Rocketship CD, they had both fallen asleep, and I was delighted to groove out to the Garden State Soundtrack which has some Coldplay, some Shins, some FrouFrou...I love it. Mom's music is good. There are certain things that you take for granted, but when little people rule your world it is OK to get excited about the simple things like:
  1. Your own music
  2. A small, fun handbag
  3. A fresh shirt that has not been puked upon also a non-nursing shirt
  4. Eating food at the temperature it was meant to be served at: Hot food is hot and cold food is still cold, not melted
  5. You have time to straighten your hair, if you fancy that look for the day
  6. A necklace can be worn without someone putting it in their mouth to be covered in saliva or baby barf
  7. Holding hands with your husband, and your other hand just free as a bird
  8. Watching a movie that has a sex scene or bad word, because it is a good story
  9. Going to the bathroom in private, where no one barges in to see what Mom is doing
  10. Going to the grocery store without the babies dangling from the cart.


Deborah said...

Hope you're having a fun trip! We're headed thru IC tomorrow am on our way to Illinois to see hubby's fam. Totally can't stand Sesame St for the same reason... esp Cookie Monster! Ditto #2-5 on your list. And for #6, check out this website:

Erika said...

When we visit out of town family, all Lucy seems to need is a cd of some soothing melodies and she goies right to sleep at night! It's so great to find little things like that which WORK! : )

I just got back from New York with my hubs and I was fortunate enough to be able to get some new clothes for the trip. Let me tell you, it was bliss to walk around in clothes that weren't spit-up stained!

Lisa Brandos said...

That is so true Erin. I cherish the moments the kids go to bed and I can use the potty without the awesome questions of "What are you doing?" "Are you pooping?" "Why did you fix the toilet?" and my personal favorite, "Is that red poopy?" Ahhhhh.... the joys of motherhood... Just wait until they start talking!