Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Happy Girl

Fiona has had such a surge on her happiness meter and we contribute that to some solid foods that we were able to sneak some Baby-dophilus into. *Stir stir...she won't even notice!* She didn't notice except to be happy for maybe the first time in her life! Jake and I couldn't be more pleased! We have laughing, giggling, happy shrieks, and those adorable little baby kicks that are so exciting and show baby's delight in the world around her.I had to decide to not beat my head against the "You must breastfeed your baby exclusively for the first year of their life" mantra that I was getting from some sources. Although I know that this is the best thing for the baby, I don't know that a mother and father who are exhausted because the screaming baby keeps them up at night is a good alternative. I have been eating disgusting fermented foods, taking stinky Chinese herbs and even stinkier tea, drinking more water, eating more calories, nursing more frequently...all to try and help Fiona in her quest for nutrition and I was unsuccessful. At her 6 month check up when we found out that she had dipped in her growth chart, Jake became concerned and started shoving food down her throat even though I insisted on only breastfeeding, "It is better for her!" He encouraged her to eat the gruel we made for her and said "You will feel better if you can get some sleep." Husband was very right, and he did order the bacteria for her as well. Dad's know what is best for their Mamas and their babies too, and I am glad that we have come to a compromise for our family. We are still opposed to baby food for our family, but we feed the baby what we are eating along with some tasty goat milk contributed by Grandma Griebahn.She is officially at the seven month mark, and not only sitting up like a champ, we saw some crawling action last night as well. As long as Iain is occupied in another arena and not trying to flop on her little squirming body, she is moving across the room to get toys that she wants. We are calling this the G.I. Joe crawling because it really is just that, a little army crawl and not the movement on hands and knees. Christmas could be dangerous!


BGriebahn said...

Utterly adorable. And I have to agree with the cathartic aspect of your Nov 4 blog. Now is the time for us to get our letters and phone calls and faxes out to those ELECTED officials who represent US and let them know how we feel. "Bad things happen when good men do nothing." Remember that.

Deborah said...

You have the cutest kids ever, Erin! You are so blessed. Love love love your blog. And I think you are a superstar mom. So glad you got the superstar teammate hubby. :)