Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Election Depression

My day started out on the right foot yesterday (no pun intended) and Jake and I were excited to spend the day running errands and spending time with each other. One of our errands was hitting up our polling place which is less than a block away from us. We had music class and library books to return and of course the essential napping "schedule" that the children impose on us whether we like it or not. As I was fixing our egg breakfast, Jake came out all dressed in his black "Drill Alaska" Tshirt and handed me my matching shirt. Becky gave us these shirts to wear to the poles. It is always fun to have matching really throws people off.So we went to music class and had some comments on our shirts, and even though it was getting close to those naps and lunch, we drove back to the church to vote. Jake went in first while Iain played on the playground and Fiona enjoyed the brisk, warm breeze in her very fine hair. Jake came out triumphant that the line was not long and it was my turn. I grabbed my bag in case I should need my ID and headed inside.

I must interject my annoyance with the old broads that run this polling place. They are stupid! I understand that they see hundreds of people on election day, and they could be in "the zone" and make some mistakes. However, the last two times I have voted in Des Moines with my new last name as a first name, the lady running the A-K book seems to be very confused by my last name and does not trust my driver's license that I would be a female with the first name of Erin and my last name of Joseph is a male's first name. So she always starts to look under the E's instead of the J's. The first time, I was slightly embarrassed for her, and the following year for the primary elections, I just helped her out as soon as she started to look under E and told her my last name started with a J. She looked at me very puzzled, and I pointed out to her that my last name is Joseph, "If I am not there, then we will figure something out, OK?" So she flips to the Jo... and in disbelief finds my name there and my matching address.

Yesterday, the looney lady who usually runs the book has been moved to give instructions on how to fill out the little paper that has our name and address and then our signature. I walked in behind two curly haired boys, who were in soccer shorts and flip flops and carrying a backpack full of their lives. The soccer boy turned around to quickly stare at me and give my shirt a good look. There was some hubbub between the polling broads about clothing that would be considered advertising for a candidate, and I started to get a wave of nervousness. I was prepared to stand my ground! The soccer nerd's counterpart turned around to stare at me and then I saw his Obama shirt. I was sure that they had to be talking about him, and not me. So the ditzy old lady has given the instruction to these boys, and starts to push a slip towards me, and then pulls it back quickly...she let out a little gasp and then a giggle. "You can't vote."

I looked at her and said, "Why not?" She says, "Well you just voted! You can't vote twice!" I scowled at her, "What do you mean I already voted?" She tried to get a little cocky with me but stuck in her grandma body, she giggled again, "You were just in here, I remember your Tshirt." I said, "No I wasn't just in here, but my husband was, and we have on the same shirt, is that a problem?" She looked at me very confused. "I haven't voted yet, but I would like to now." She slid the paper towards me, "Well are you from Alaska?" I blipped "Nope." What a busy body! Wouldn't the book checker realize that I had already voted, if my name had already been crossed off of the list? I know this woman is a Democrat.

I made my way down to the two men taking the registration slips and handing out ballots. "I like your shirt" said that slip guy. "Thanks!" I swung around and flashed my back to him, "It's bigger on the back!" He exclaimed, "Yes it is! I think we should have drilled up there a long time ago! It's time to drill there now." I walked over to a little voting booth and filled in my bubbles. It was nerve wracking to me. I knew in my heart that Obama was going to win, but I needed to put my tally mark on the McCain side and hope that the other Republicans would win their seats. The Obama boys scowled as they drove past me loading my precious babies in getting into my car with my McCain bumper sticker, and I had to stare back at them.When the votes were coming in last night, I knew what was going to happen and I just couldn't watch. We put in Rack, Shack and Benny the latest VeggieTale that I checked out at the library. Since I am close to deciding that everything in life can be learned from VeggieTales, I was inspired to stand firm in my beliefs and not go with this monster Obama popularity machine. Hopefully my children will not realize that I am physically ill over the outcome of the election and hold it against me later in their lives.

This country wants a king, and they have "elected" him. For the masses to rule, or be told that they actually have chosen this president makes them all feel good. The masses want the Obama rule in their lives and what they all need is a Lord and Savior to rule in their hearts. When I think about it, I can't be sad about this for a moment! However, many people in this country felt that we were living under the Bush regime. How dare they think that 1) we are living under a regime at all and 2) that our government allows one man to rule! Since they are confused about the fact that there are over 500 people making laws, passing laws and over 500 people spending our money and voting on if they need to ask for more money they continute to get their jollys up about this one person who has tangoed into their ears the "change" that he intends to implement on the American people.

Many people liked George W. Bush during his first four years of office. He spoke with passion after the attacks of 9-11-01 and the country rallied behind a leader who was offering protection the best way he knew how and was advised. Not only did we elect him President, we elected Congressman to pass bills and keep him in line. The demise of the economy can not be blamed on one person. Our government is not set up that way. This is a team effort. So if the crowd hates the quarterback, they are going to let him know and he is going to continue to screw up every time he is on the field. So we have a new QB and no one knows if he will do better than the last guy, but he sure has a lot of hype for someone who has never played before.Iain is sad that it is raining today, but grouchy because he didn't sleep well last night during the mild lightening and thunder we had. Jake raked up every leaf pile that I had made, so no more leaf jumping and playing. I put on some shoes and sent him out in his pajamas so that he would get an already slightly dirty outfit dirty in mud, but he just wanted to push his lawnmower on the block of cement in the back. He has not ventured out too far, especially since the dog poop incident (he stepped in dog poop barefoot and was freaking out as the poop was squished between his toes...this is the life of a little boy, right?)

Since my blogging is somewhat cathartic (when I do write) I am having a peace about the situation. I would say that I now have election annoyance instead of depression. "Tomorrow is fresh with no mistakes in it."


Deborah said...

Election annoyance... I like that phrase. Well-said, Erin. I am living vicariously through your blog regarding election stuff since I haven't gotten around to typing up my own.

Joanna said...

I completely agree with what you said about it being a team effort. Demonizing one person (whether that be Bush or Obama) doesn't make sense. Which is why I'm more depressed that we have a democratic Congress than a democratic president.